Based loosely on Dragon Rails and greatly inspired by game I played in at Seattle Game Con

Steampunk tech, powerful but semi rare magic. Powerful wizards, items, dragons, mystical and fantastic creatures. Only 5 wizards around, rare to even see a magic user.

====== Players operate train ======

Start with used simple engine, used simple caboose, and funds to customize/buy some rolling stock.

Alternative: is that starting players have to take jobs as crew/guards until they save enough to purchase their first engine.

===== Rolling Stock ===== simple engine 232 and tender * med speed, low hauling, steam * mundane iron & wood * cow catcher

Simple caboose * central tower open toped, crenelations, light balista * back stoop with crenelations * sleeps 8, stove, head, wood w/ bracing, arrow slits

Castle car (proly too expensive)

Flat car

=== Modifications ===

Steam anti-personnel defense

Locomotive ram

====== Adventures ====== * train race, long long distance with specific deliveries * deliver valuable cargo * deliver mundane cargo but has secret hidden cargo and everyone wants it * deliver circus * patrol border, area with monsters bandits etc. for local gov * train refit/upgrade vacation * train stolen must pursue and take back * support/protect train crew expanding track

===== Encounters ===== * train robbers will moving * rail block and bandits with toll demand * missing track, repair crew, bandits, bridge out * track goes into magical mist/portal * bridge flooded out, lava * rampaging beasts up ahead over track * train from behind law/noble/wizard demands right of way * head on train on single tract * giant picking up and turning train around moving tracks * unexpected switch sends train wrong way * gypsy/bandit/pilgrim/crusader/humanoid camp * fire forest,brush,plains up ahead * dead animal on tracks trap or not * car detaches * weather screws with boiler, makes track slippery