====== Three Flower ====== Spirituality Vitality Clarity(emptyness/calm)

The Three Flowers were given to us by the universe. By studying and maximizing the Flowers we will become enlightened and immortality can be attained.

Infants start empty and gradually fill up over a lifetime. Live austere and meditate to retain emptyness.

We are born weak, grow strong, and then become weak again in old-age. Pracitce physical/martial arts to heighten and maintain vitality.

Beings are born without morality. Practice the eight virtues and spirituality settle apon you. 1 kindness/politeness 2 peace non-violence 3 cleanlyness 4 honesty 5 compassion 6 humbleness 7 economy take only what you need 8 celebacy

===== Followers ===== master lvl 13+

disciple lvl 6-12

student lvl 1-6