====== Peoples of Sunesh ======

====== Conflict ====== The Sunesh have constantly battled tribesmen and small raids but never really suffered protacted wars with other nations. So, they lacked much of a military mindset. When Pelosians came they were easily conquored.

==== Weapons ==== The Khopesh(treat as longsword) is the Sunesh weapon.

Not common but also uniquely Sunesh are light and heavy flails made from wood or bone edged with super sharp obsidian, weighted on the end with a stone or metal ball. They bash and slash opponents very effectivly. (Sunesh flails do slash and bludgeoning damage have less hardness/hitpoints than normal)

Throwing axes, clubs, light maces, spears, javelins, slings and short bows, are all common.

==== Armor ==== Padded, Leather and Hide are the only types common before becomming a subject of Pelos Empire and are still the most common today. Many Pelosian armors remain in use, some are quite old. Although Sunesh lack the materials and skills to produce many copies. A few chain shirts are traded for from Fist.

Oval leather faced wicker shields equiv to light wood are common.