Early morning of Parius 16, 1025.

The flash flood occurred around 4am. Casters will have to rest 8hours until noon to get their full allotment of spells back.

If anyone wants to cast spells or do anything extraordinary before going to sleep, let me know, in email. Preferably by next Friday.

The hyenas cower at and avoid the tainted goo. Groups of 2-3 hyenas drag the zatar corpses into the darkness where you hear them rip apart the bodies. Djinn tries to grab a Zatar leg for the hippogriff but barred teeth and bristling yellow speckled fur cause him to reconsider. Barking laughs and the occasional loud crack of shattering bone pierce the starlit night as the party arranges watches and settles their bruised bodies in for rest.

Think about what if anything you send to Citizen Hyrmina. Consider: - you have three sheets of Republic sealed vellum - you are 5 days into your planned 30 day “recon”
- you are just a few hours East of Fort Farther - you have only encountered some tainted Zatar(which you’ve encountered & reported on before)

You have: 5 days(full supply) of water: 26 days of food(saved a day by eating owl kabobs)