Vervigis Sealed

[Scupi Province, Eastern Badlands, Nynano(07) 1024]

Ian guides you easily into the badlands. Passing through canyons banded with deep red and yellow rocks. The occasional Rock Eagle screeching overhead. Late in the day after giving a pair of grazing Rhino a wide berth you scramble up the rocky side of a shallow gorge. Treading up old, erroded steps for the last bit you come upon an iron wall sealing the lab’s entrance. It is embedded in the the surrounding rock and looks fairly new even though portions of it have a pinkish hue. Stamped into the iron in both Pelosian and Khemish is the following.

                     DO NOT ATTEMPT TO ENTER

  This location has been sealed by authority of the Pelosian Republic.  
         It is owned property of a Citizen of The Republic.  
        Entrance is forbidden.  Violators will be prosecuted. 

                  DANGER  DANGER  DANGER  DANGER
    Deadly traps have been installed throughout the interior of this 
    location possibly including this entrance.  In addition the wild 
    magic that permeates this area is unpredictable and dangerous.
                  DANGER  DANGER  DANGER  DANGER

By order of the Council, Scupi, Scupi Province, Pelos Republic 6-25-1024

Ian gathers a few rocks from the area and Qazir a couple unusual plants while Djinn eyes the Rhino’s and considers the probability of jumping on one from this height. After investigation the rocks and plants turn out to be unnatural transmutations but ultimately of little interest or value.

Later Hyrmina explains that since discovered various interested parties as well as Ungvar(a dwarf and member of the original discoverers) had been returning to and emptying the place. In contrivance of her very specific orders to stay out. Vervigis had responded to the inquires she had sent. Although, he admits he abandoned the place, thus the Ungvar’s “claim” was valid, Vervigis still felt the place was highly dangerous, didn’t want any “incidents” on his conscious and requested this claim to be “stayed” which the provincial council[1] had granted.

Well, just before Judgment Day[2] Tazix caught up with Ungvar and his new compatriots. Slew him and most of his party. The survivors stumbled into Silvertown and told us what had happened. After that we set several traps for Tazix and sealed the place. She regrets not having the resources to do everything properly.

When asked if the group can assist, she eyes you intently, the yellow gem in her circlet drawing your attention. “Hmmm, I still don’t know what you Babrem are doing here or what Citizen Ikase is after. But, you’ve aided me and haven’t done anything so bad it can’t be overlooked… I feel I can trust you. It could prove useful for me to have, lets say”options“, outside my normal command. Yes, not now, later. I’ll contact you. But, be warned crossing me is crossing The Republic” while saying this she becomes even more erect than her normal perfect stance, her golden breastplate faintly glows, her yellow cloak brightens and flutters “majestically” even though there is no wind. As if her pride and patriotism literally manifests physically. “and The Republic will not wait for Beaho to exact it’s vengence.”

She’s annoyed to hear of the “pink iron”. No doubt the lingering magic transmuting the seal. “We’ll have to keep eye on it. That Vervigis better hurry up and handle the”clean up” of the area. Wizards! Pain in my… excuse me. Thanks for the report. Citizen Boter will see you out.”

Oh yeah, on the way back to Silvertown a giant insect almost eats Tariq. It laid in ambush at the bottom of a sink hole. After much heroics Tariq was pulled from it’s powerful mandibles. Suffering several punctures in it’s thick chitin it attempted to burrow an escape but Djinn tracked it down and Ian finished it off with magics. Then Qazir leaped into it’s hole and spent the next several minutes chanting while carving out and eating it’s brain.

[1] This council is in Scupi and has authority over the entire province(what there is of it). The town councils’ “jurisdiction” is more or less just the town and immediate area. Hyrmina’s military command is “Eastern Scupi” basically everything East of Silvertown. This broader authority leaks into the Silvertown Council she is part of.

[2] Judgment Day 07-05, a “holiday” of Beaho god of vengeance, punishment. It is supposedly when Beaho catches up to those who have escaped justice during the previous year.