3000-6000 production characters get 20% 600-1200

20 miners at 100gp/mo = 2000gp

1d8+1d6 = 200-1400gp per month / 6 for each char

Mine events roll once every 10+d20+modifier days

Roxors active: 8 Roxors parts: 1

Roll Mod 2 * Weird disease amongst miners 3 +1d6 Major Collapse miners trapped -1d8 income requires cash 4 +1d6 Exhausted perm dec -1d6 5 +2d4 Monster attack: Roxor/other 6 Minor Collapse -1d4 income 7 +2d4 Labor problem: miners missing/disgruntled/low 8 Animal attacks: Ore Train/Town/Workers 9 Poor vein -1d6 onetime income 10 Nothing interesting 11 Rich vein +1d6 onetime income 12 Found Nodule 13 * Claim Jump 14 * Tax increase 10% income taken off top 15 Offer to buy out 16 +1d6 New vein perm inc +1d6 requires capital 200gp from chars 17 +1d4 Found buried ophidian treasure 18 * Admantium

  • one time only Found Admanitnum (or just planned) Eriboea runs in “look! it came from our mine”, dances jig. “it’s all gnomes doing” tries to kiss can’t get around nose,“he’s been plotting roxor tunnels, located a big area they did not enter, we tunneled inthere and this, weeee”