Dinner with Lucius Lucinor

[Silvertown, 6-26-1024]

A large black raven perched on the shrine to Gelix near entrance to Silvertown squawks at you “Tonight, tonight. North end at Lucinor House. Dinner, dinner. Lucius Lucinor expects you at dusk, at dusk. Squawk!” and takes flight.

Lucinor House turns out to be the most bizarre structure in Silvertown. Three towers, one pink, one light green, the other bright yellow support a central section twenty feet from the ground. As you get closer you notice the paint or whatever it is shifts hues and oddly reflects the setting sun. You see no entrance the path simply ends under the suspended section. Reaching the end of it a bright orange light suffuses the area and you find yourselves in a parlor even more garish than the exterior.

Strange smells fill the air and odd sounds echo down the halls. The decor is lavish, expensive, and severely clashing. You recognize furniture styles, rugs, artwork from all over the known world and others, strange and unfamiliar to you. Many Pelosian magical trinkets are about. Providing light, cool or warm breezes, massaging pillows, etc. Servants real and arcane bring refreshments and tend to your other needs. Your mind struggles to correlate the comfortable posh sensations with the absurd cacophony of color, smell, and sound.

Several large portraits dominate the walls. They depict the same individual in various poses and apparent ages. The styles very from abstract shapes of color to what must be magically enhanced realism. And in each one the subject is dressed in bright, lavish, and utterly clashing cloths.

The raven flutters in and lands on a gilt stand near the door “I present, present Lucius Lucinor”

And in strides a frail man of middle years. So gaunt his skin appears to be stretched around a skull several sizes too large. You recognize him as the from the paintings not by his face which is depicted more healthy and handsome than reality but by his cloths. Many layers of fine silk in bright green and yellow, a blinding pink cloak that trails for several feet behind which he flings about with a flourish far too often this evening. Lucius himself is wearing numerous rings and bracelets encrusted with jewels, has a nose ring (of solid diamond he announces later), long manicured and painted fingernails and is hairless. No eyebrows, head, face, or arm hair. A statement of fashion he claims.

The dinner is sumptuous but disturbing. It is served with mixed matched sets of expensive dinnerware. Servants bring and remove dishes at random the desert arrives in the middle and leaves before Ian can try it. The wine is plain, the water tastes of cherry liqueur. It becomes clear that you are here to tell Lucius about Vervigis’ lab, specifically what was found within. But the conversation does not go so well. Lucius’ pompous, superior attitude and balking at requests for payment/trade aggravates several characters. It is still an unforgettable and pleasant dinner although no “business” was completed. But as you are leaving Lucius lets slip that Vervigis did have other “interests” in the eastern badlands. And if you should find something of actual value you know where I live.