Lesson One, Vitality

[Silvertown, Scupi Province, Ateo(1) 1026]

“Hey! Hey baldy I’m talking to you.” Yells a Babrem nomad.

“Why bother them Djinn? They aren’t going to break their silence vows just to respond to your taunts.” His wise companion and fellow Babrem responds.

“I’m trying to help them. Whatever that Three Flower cult stands for is bad. Turning those men into dogs!”

“They still look like men to me. Rather healthy, muscled men, hmmmm” Eriboea trails off, lost in thought.

“Ha! Is that all you think about woman? Perhaps you can get them to talk from between the sheets.”

“Oh, I tried. Seems they take other vows as well, pitty. And no, I think on a great many subjects. Men are just one of the more enjoyable.”

“Well, they’re gone now. Shall we head to the Public House, my fans have yet to hear of how Djinn, the Great Foreign Hunter, tracked and slew a dozen Ashworms!”

“Yeah, the bazaar is empty today. Not a thing worth haggling over.”

“There was but one Ashworm and it couldn’t catch up to our mounts, nor outrun our arrows.”

“Shhhhh, people could hear. But,”nor outrun our arrows” is good I’ll use that.”

[Silvertown Public House, Scupi Province, following week]

A lone slightly intoxicated Babrem walks into the exercise areas of the Public House. And immediately heads towards three Pelosians and a odd-colored foreigner dressed in pale blue.

“Pang, why don’t you let them talk?”

“I let them not talk.”

“Huh, what? Wait that’s no answer.”

“Your mind is filled with answers, you don’t need another from me.”

“I need you to let these men go.”

“I am trying.”

“No, your cult has them under some sorcery or trick.”

“They are simply students of the Three Flowers.”

“What flowers? They want a painting like the one on your back?”

“The Flowers are the Universe’s gift to us. Vitality, Spirituality, and Emptiness. We strive …”

“Yeah whatever. You don’t have to make up for their silence by talking extra.”

“Ah, you understand.”

“Yes I.., wait No. I understand words pass through that bald head of yours and alternative methods of communication are needed. You and me in the pit, when I beat you, you’ll leave Scupi and take your flower cult with you.”


“What? Those precious flowers aren’t worth fighting for?”

“I was mistaken, you do not understand and will not by yourself. This one will wrestle you instead.”

“I don’t care about him, he’s a victim, you’re the …”

“He wants to. He has heard of your legend and believes a fight will prove to be a great lesson. If you best him he will break his silence.”

“But I have no…, Wait, if I beat them they’ll be free of this stupid silence vow?”

“That is correct.”

“Fine, get them in line. I’ll do them one after the other. A great lesson indeed.” Yelling out for the whole Public House to hear. “Come everyone watch the Great Djinn teach these dogs how to speak again.”

A former Pelosian merchant and a Babrem nomad enter the sandy wrestling pit. Face one another, then leap to the attack.

Seconds later the Three Flower student leaves the pit, dons his pale blue robe and leaves with his fellows. The Babrem remains flat on his back knocked out cold. The crowd, not sure what happened, mills about disappointedly for awhile.

A few moments later Djinn awakens to the house’s pet dog wetly licking his face.