“The Interrogation part 1”

Through several walls you can hear the faint roar of a sandstorm raging outside. Its fine grit penetrating this far and clogging your noses. Without warning your vision is restored. Seated on the floor in a rough semicircle are the companions you have struggled to survive the desert with. Like yourself they are restrained with manacles. But, also like yourself, they appear to be in better health than at any time since this ordeal began.

Djinn and Taqir still dressed in robes and turbans, sit stiff and upright. Defiant looks on their dark faces. Qazir sits eyes closed meditating. Still you sense he’s aware of everything around him. Ian bereft of the golden breastplate he briefly but proudly wore reclines expressionless and calm. Quietly awaiting his fate or perhaps his moment of escape. Dyrkius angrily shouts what no one can hear. He slowly ceases stamping his foot after gazing across at Ione. You are all somewhat stunned at seeing how radiant Ione is after being refreshed, rested, and not encased in desert garb. The bejeweled veil of sheer red silk she wears enhances her considerable natural beauty.

One of four soldiers sneezes jostling the black and yellow bristles of her crest. She holds a well worn broadsword drawn at her side. As does the soldier opposite her. The two farther away have loaded crossbows held with the looseness of long familiarity.

From several square holes in the ceiling light pours into this room. Creating beams in the dusty air. Pillars of light that illuminate an ornate wooden desk. Upon which several desk type things are precisely arranged. The front face of it’s rich reddish wood is carved with an eagle triumphantly grasping a defeated dragon in its talons. You know this to be the Seal of The Republic of Pelos.

The four Pelosians raise their weapons vertically in front of their faces saluting a fifth who confidently strides through an archway and up to an armor rack against the wall near the desk. Two attendants dust off her boots, unfasten her greaves and spurs while she unbuckles and removes her helmet. This helmet is similar to others you’ve seen except its black and yellow crest crosses horizontally from ear to ear and two huge, three foot, yellow with black spots feathers extend up from ends of the crest. With one hand she sets it precisely on the rack and with the other adjusts a greave that one of the hastily retreating attendants had slightly misplaced.

Running her hands over cropped black hair “summons” a small cloud of sand dust which slowly settles to the stone floor. Shafts of light reflect off of the bird embossed in profile on the golden breastplate she wears. A small yellow gem or crystal is mounted in its eye. Another glowing gem emits mesmerizing rays from the center of the circlet wrapped around her forehead. She is tall, thin and her pointed ears betray her High Pelosian heritage.

Her luminous yellow eyes observe each of you in turn. Then in a clear, commanding voice states, “I am Citizen Hyrmina. There are a great many questions I wish to ask of you. Shortly your speech interdiction will be removed.” Looking pointedly at Dyrkius, “I expect only civilized behavior. It would be somewhat displeasing to me if any of you became unnecessarily injured, especially before your guilt or innocence has been determined.”

The same soldier sneezes again.

Without interruption Hyrmina smoothly continues, “This is a military inquisition to determine the facts surrounding the fate of a feather of citizens and the caravan they were escorting. Your trial is tomorrow. Do not waste my time pleading your case now.”

During this two Common Pelosians, a male and female enter through the archway. The female sets up a chair next to the desk. The male starts tracing a pattern on the floor in front of you in colored chalks.

“Now that the pleasantries are over I am sure you are all eager to tell me the truth.”

You can speak again.

[Qazir, Ione, Tariq, Djinn failed their save vs Hyrmina’s “Suggestion”. They must speak the truth or remain silent.]

[She asks the following questions. They don’t all apply to everybody. Please respond with your answers or “silence” to indicate your non-cooperation. If you lie or “silent” give me an indication of how strongly you will resist Hyrmina’s determined interrogation. Unanswered questions I will assume you answer with the truth as your character sees it. All responses should be sent by Friday. Starting Sat I will write the next “scene”]

What is your name?

What are you doing in Scupi Province? Esp to the Babrem

Why did sandmen(guys who slaughtered the hyena men) attack you?

Do you have some ability to abjure sandmen or drive them away?

Why did sandmen let you live?

Where did the sandmen go?

Where were you heading when sandmen attacked you?

Where is the hyena men’s camp?

How many hyena men are in this pack?

Why are the hyena men this far south?

Did you hire the hyena men? To what purpose?

What did you do with Citizen Thebe and Citizen Aeson. (owners of the two breastplates)

Why did you steal their equipment / property of The Republic?

Where are the other seven citizens?

Where are the supplies, the workers, the animals, the wagons from the caravan?

Who else is working with you? (even with the hyena men you could not have successfully attacked the caravan)

Why did you attack the caravan?

When/were did you attack the caravan?

[During the in game time that passes before next session all the resting, eating good food, and priestly care will heal all wounds and stat damage. For those that got them, you’re also deinfested of fleas. Mylien loves you!]