Hole in Mine

[Mine, Scupi Province, Parius 03, 1025]

As the dust clears, it is clear that the group is separated or some of you are burried. Urek pulls rocks off Qazir’s wing. Who returns to human shape and casts several earth elementals and instructs them search out the rest of the party and stabalize the current passageway. After a several hours of carefully shifting rumble everyone is reunited. There are several major injuries, and everyone is exhausted. Since you have the supplies and relatively stable tunnel you decide to rest tonight. Sleep that night is fitfull as the rocks continue to settle and you wonder if there remains a passage to the surface.

You awake to find Djinn, sword drawn facing down a Roxor. Qazir quickly . It says “Big Boom” and “All Gone” before wandering off. Maerandria’s armor is painfully shiny and dent/scratch free despite recently being buried under rocks, she must of buffed and polished during the night. Making use of Roxor’s tunnel and many earth elementals you make your way to a mine tunnel. Where a Eriboea and a work party are surprised to see you alive.

The Mine has fairly little damage. A few minor injuries, some miners were trapped but with the aide of elemenatals and Eribeoa’s wand of digging(kept just for such emergencies) The elevator rooms, main passage ways are all really well made and reinforced. Several areas currently being mined collapsed. The biggest “loss” was a new prommissing section just being explored dissappeard as it was directly above the tomb.

Roxor tunnels on the other hand collapsed extensivly. The “Roxor Warrens” to such an extent that a secondary sinkhole formed. At least one Roxor survivied.

Part of Mine and the road leading east towards Far & Farther are now at the bottom of a 400’ wide and 300’ deep sinkhole. One of the barracks is gone, another is still half there. The incomplete fort is also gone taking with it the abandoned Ka’im camp. Major buidings to survive with only minor damage include, Public House, Temple, House Majid, House Eriboea, Bath House, Smithy.

Four Pelosians and one Ka’im have lost their lives.

Rumors run rampant. Most blame you guys. More than a few believe it is Gelix’s punishment for the Babrem’s actions on The Day of the Three. Others blame the priestess of Ealnor, “Her greed for Gelix’s bounty has brought this upon us.” A few think the Roxors are the cause but still blame you, esp the one who talks to them. Kaenus’ lasting effect is felt when Ian is denounced as a Empire spy/sabatuer in the Public House.

Eriboea keeps a riot/lynchmob from happening but she has taken a lot of flak for letting you all roam the mines. The mood is too foul and events too recent for reason or charm to sway opinion much.

You spend the next day Parius 06 recovering and helping/healing where ever you can. That afternoon Hyrmina arrives at House Majid. Asking her aides to wait in the courtyard while she meets with you in the study she uncharasitically looses compusure and nearly yells “What in Ryllan’s name have you done now?”

[Gelix, one of the three, god of inanimate nature] [Ryllan Synarion, god of strife]