A box? You’re searching for a Box?

[Scupi Province, Shios(8) 1024]

“A box? You’re searching for a Box? That old codger over there is sitting on one.”

Ian recognizes the “old codger” as the one who gave him lousy directions to the Mines of Madness. Directions that ended him up at Vervigis’ doorstep nearly a year ago.

You don’t have a a lot of leads, and meet with little success. Most people don’t have a clue. Ones that might deny it, tell you to forget about it and go back to robbing tombs, or worst start asking questions about you, what you know, how you know it and if you’d mind submitting to a spell or two.

Trypho is nowhere to be found. Hyrmina is concerned to hear your tale of meeting him between Silvertown & Mine rambling about going East to find the “artifact”. She councils you to search for him no further but if you do learn anything contact her. Trypho’s fellow priests are not surprised that he has gone “mad”. “Pressures of leadership are too much for some to handle.”

You learned that Kirphis came to Scupi because the artifact was stolen. That he and his Juggernauts are gone from Silvertown for long periods. You know he visits the rest of Desert Condor on the Ka’im Mesa and suspect he travels deep into the badlands.

You know two things others do not. You know what the giants that attacked looked like and you have seen darn close paintings of them in the Ophidian’s Tomb.