Ione of Saria Julie



Pregame: You come from Saria, a small town in the Wildlands east of the Pelosian Empire. At one time it was part of a Pelosian colony that has since been abandoned by the empire. Pelosians are a minority and the town struggles to survive. It pays tribute to Papinia Merula, a minor warlord, for protection. Which she barely provides. The population is mostly backwards and xenophobic.

You left Saria traveling down river and across the Theops Sea. Then up the muddy deltas to Tarsi(2nd largest city in Pelos Empire). But it was boring so you went south and then west along The Great Road. Finally reaching the Axius River which you took the short distance to Philopolis, capital of The Empire. Philopolis was fun, a little too fun it turns out. You get into some sort of trouble and sneak/flee to Pelos Minor.

Not feeling quite far enough away from The Empire’s reach you decide to head to one of the marginal colonies. In the great library of Amphipolis(capital of Pelos Minor) you read about The great wizard Vervigis’s early life and how he’s suppose to have built a lab in what is now Scupi Province. You sneak/talk your way aboard a navy resupply “fleet”(two ships) heading that way. Noting with bemusement that “Gull Chaser”, the warship escorting the cargo ship you are on, is being chased by gulls after the garbage that is tossed overboard. You settle in for the uneventful 14 day voyage.

Uck! Scupi is tiny, crowded, busy and mostly underground. You waste no time joining the first caravan heading across the desert to the eastern badlands and hopefully wily, old Vervigis’s secrets.

1st session “Deadly Desert part1” Escorted by 9 Pelosian soldiers on horses who are dressed in black with sandy yellow cloaks and black and yellow crested helmets. Talking up the soldiers over daily meals you find out these are the colors of the Desert Condor calvary “bird”(a miilitary unit of about 700 men) to which they belong. You try to talk with everyone but only the soldiers and the few other Pelosians really want to talk

Travel is fast at first along a fine stone road. Sadly on the 4th night you pass the end of this road and past a large number of Ka’im, slaves?(btw slaves are common) led by engineers and soldiers from Desert Condor who are busy extending the road. Beyond the road the barely visible track is rough, filled with stones, and rattles the wagon violently. The caravan’s once good speed is cut in half. This is not exactly the adventure you expected.

Late on the 7th night a horrible sand storm engulfs the caravan. It was worse than you could have imagined and gives credence to what you had thought were absurd stories of winds and sand so fierce they strip flesh down to the bone. During this the caravan is attacked by unknown assailants. You never see the attackers get lost and collaspe in the storm.

2nd session “Deadly Desert part2” You stumble on a “forest” of stone trees. Many of which are toppled and broken. You have seen fragments of stone trees before in the Wildlands.

You barely escape an ambush by hyena men but the rest of the group are dead or captured. Once again you find yourself wandering alone in the desert. Even though there is no sand storm this time, you run out of water and collaspe from exhaustion.

Then you have a bizarre dream. You and your recent companions are togehter in what appears to be a city park. In stark contrast to the arid dusty desert there are rolling lawns of grass, ponds, creeks, and leafy copse of unfamiliar trees. The park is full of High Pelosians. Hmmm, but odly no Common Pelosians or Gnomes. They are busy strolling, frolicking, talking. It looks like a normal day out in the sun except there are an absurd number of golems, constructs and other magical servitor beasts walking, crawling, rolling, and flying everywhere. There’s more artificial beings than people!

Inexplicity you can now read the words carved into the pillars of this temple. It appears to be dedicated to some nature/forest god, you guess Brogine. After solving the riddles a human who looks more Darsian then Pelosian dressed in unusual green cloths (like nothing you have ever seen, pants, shirt, many pockets) appears who looks at each of you and then says “Don’t open the Flakarg, argh! The seal, don’t open the seal.” Then looks over his shoulder and disappears. Very strange as you expected that to be Brogine, but Brogine has no human form. He’s always depicted as a treant or satyr.

A very strange and interesting if confusing vision.

Some time later, days? You awake to find yourself in another building with a priest of Mylien tending your wounds. Your hawk, perched on a stand nearby, tilts its head to look at you and squawks.