Level: 2 Sorceror Exp: 1583

Hero Stones: 3

Magic & Unknown: red veil (faint evocation)

1st session “Deadly Desert part1” 100 rp w/ group 50 locating water wagon with aide of hawk 333 defeat sand hunters — 483

2nd session “Desert Desert part2” “conned” Dyrkius into letting you wear the veil 150 encounter thorn tree 150 combat with hyena men 200 temple visions 100 bonus running away just like a chaotic sorcerer should :) — 1083

3rd session “Mine Monster” 100 rp with various npc’s 100 encounter Tazex the Everchanging 200 encounter with Mine Monster 50 guard job 50 bonus helping Qazir with fines — 1583

4th session “Ophidian’s Buried Temple” absent