Dyrkius Rhesus of Ampphipolis, Citizen of the Republic of Pelos

Instructor Abreas(hu pelosian, m. lusty, articulate, perceptive. Successfull

Primary Mentalism adviser Astera(high peolsian, fm. Quiet, Cruel, old) Secondary Mentalism adviser Tetritary Mentalism adviser

Rock Fellow Lunel(gnome, ma. blustering, perfectionist, famous for clockwork maul of speed) one of three Hall of Geology heads

Iakchos(high pelosian, m. idealistic, young, believes in his iron pendent of Mylien is lucky) 3rd officer on Pelos Minor Sprigate “Gull Chaser”.

Citizen of The Republic of Pelos. You are assigned to the reserve “bird”, Amphipolis Pigeon. (A bird has around 730 soldiers in it, it is like a division in modern military.) Specifically you are “Third of the Tail”, commanding three feathers(9 soldiers each) sort of(I can go into more detail if you’re curious). Amphipolis Pigeon is the most prestigious of the reserve birds in Amphipolis or Pelos Minor. Like most reserve birds it is primarily foot soldiers. You are currently on “leave”. But when you return to Pelos you are expected to notify the military and to perform occasional reserve duties.

Student at the “Tricademy of the Republic” in Amphipolis. Member of the Collegium of Mentalism. To “graduate” you must create a new spell or artifact.

8th Rank disciple of Shooting Star. Your instructor and 1st rank disciple is Citizen Abreas of Dilos(male human pelosian) He had a successful and famous career in the Pelos Navy. He is currently an admiral in the naval reserves.

Family: Your father, Lykon, was First of House Eagle, the most elite and respected bird of The Republic (house refers to the ruling body of Pelos Minor and eagles are the most revered animals of Pelosians) He is a dual class Psychic Warrior/Aristocrat(DMG class) around 14th level.

Your mother, Tryphena, is or was formerly a mid-level adviser(professor) in the Collegium of Essence at the Tricademy of the Republic. Now or previously a Head of the Hall of Energies(like chemistry abit). She is a dual class Wizard/Expert(DMG class) around 11th level.

Your older sister, Vara, was studying several years at the Tricademy of the Republic in the Collegium of Essence and then switched to Channeling Collegium. She dropped out suddenly after witnessing or suffering some great injustice. The family did not hear from her for months. One day she came to the family estates wearing the black robes of Beaho. At first shocked your mother burst into tears after Vara explained she wasn’t becoming a judge or prosecutor(the common, safe, and respectable paths for priests of Beaho). Instead she claimed to be a vituperator(wandering dispenser of Beaho’s justice) and stormed out after tremendous yelling argument with your father. Vara is 3/3/2 Cleric/Wizard/Mystic Theurge.

Pregame: Your primary mentalism adviser Citizen Astera(female, high peolsian) and Rock Fellow Lunel(male gnome) have sponsored your first field study. You’re to evaluate the mines and lands of Scupi Province for magic crystals/substances.

Astera is old and you believe overly cruel, but she is the most skilled with kineticism at the Collegium. Lunel is loud and can be obnoxious. He is one of three Hall of Geology heads (Hall is smaller than collegium but goes across disciplines where as a collegium is focused). Famed across Pelos and beyond for creating the Clockwork Maul of Blinding Speed. But feared amongst students for his demanding perfectionism.

You also have a secondary and tetritary advisers if you feel like fleshing out some people. One or both are probably from other collegiums such as Essence(arcane), Channeling(divine), Art, Science.

Abreas used his navy contacts to get you passage on “Gull Chaser” a Sprigate class(fast light scout/escort/raider) navy ship that was being transfered to Scupi from the reserve fleet. During the tedious 14 day journey you befriend Citizen Iakchos of Amphipolis, Third of the “Gull Chaser”. He is young like you but comes from a poor unimportant family(not that that matters much in Pelos society). He is excited and anxious to make his mark on the world. You noticed he wears an iron pendent of Mylien(protector/healing goddess). When asked he laughs and says it’s a luck charm given to him by his little sister.

1st session “Deadly Desert part1” Escorted by 9 Pelosian soldiers on horses who are dressed in black with sandy yellow cloaks and black and yellow crested helmets. Talking up the soldiers over daily meals you find out these are the colors of the Desert Condor calvary bird to which they belong. Also that all but the right wing of the Desert Condor is in Scupi Province. Most of it is deployed around Scupi itself but the Fore Section of the left wing is in Silvertown and smaller settlements out east. You keep to the soldiers and few other Pelosians as the uncivilized Ka’im and Babrem(what are they here for!?) probably have fleas and really what could you possibly discuss with uneducated brutes.

Travel is fast at first along a fine stone road. Surprised and elated to see the infrastructure of civilization out here since your research had indicated Scupi was a bit more “rustic”. Hmmmm, perhaps your excitment was a bit premature since on the 4th night you pass over the end of the road and past a large number of Ka’im, slaves?(btw slaves are common, you/your family would have them) led by engineers and soldiers from Desert Condor’s Body. Who are busy extending the road. Past the end of the road the barely visible track is rough, filled with stones, and rattles the wagon violently. The caravan’s once good speed is cut in half. Rustic indeed.

Late on the 7th night a horrible sand storm engulfs the caravan. It was worse than you could have imagined and gives credence to what you had thought were absurd stories of winds and sand so fierce they strip flesh down to the bone. During this the caravan is attacked by unknown assailants. You never see the attackers.

2nd session “Deadly Desert part2” You stumble on a “forest” of stone trees. Many of which are toppled and broken. No doubt Lunel would be excited by this find. Before you had a chance to inspect them or take a sample you are ambushed by hyena men.

Ione and Ian have been killed or less likely escaped. The rest of you are trussed up on poles and carried north. After you don’t know how many days the hyena men are themselves ambushed by medium height humanoids, covered from head to toe in billowing layers of tan, brown, and sand colored sheets. Only the thinest sliver across the eyes is bare. In the distance and darkness you couldn’t make out skin, eye color, or even the shape/presence of eyes.

You are sure they were mentalists of no small ability. Suspecting they used psiconic shots to decapitate the hyena men with some unfamiliar thrown weon and the psychomeabolistic “Hustle” manisfitation to keep away from the hyena men’s deadly battle axes.

That night you have a bizarre dream. Ian, Ione and the rest of you are in what appears to be a city park. In stark contrast to the accursed desert there are rolling lawns of grass, ponds, creeks, and leafy copse of unfamiliar trees. The park is full of High Pelosians(strange you see no Common Pelosians), strolling, frolicking, talking. It looks like a normal day out in the sun except there are an absurd number of golems, constructs and other magical servitor beasts walking, crawling, rolling, and flying everywhere. There’s more artificial beings than people!

Amongst the natural litter you find a couple of odd green oak leaves that look alive but have the texture and toughness of canvas.

Inexplicity you can now read the words carved into the pillars of this temple. It appears to be dedicated to some nature/forest god, perhaps Brogine. After solving the riddles a human(a Darsian?) dressed in unusual green cloths (like nothing you have ever seen, pants, shirt, many pockets) appeared who looks at each of you and then says “Don’t open the Flakarg, argh! The seal, don’t open the seal.” Then looks over his shoulder and disappears.

You awake to find yourself healed of all wounds but suddenly surrounded by soldiers from Desert Condor. They demand your surrender. Like some common criminal they clamp interdiction manacles on you. Outrageous! Transported on horse back for two and half days to some camp or town. Spending the night, on the next day you travel by wagon to what sounds like a large town.