Dear Dyrkius,

I hope things are well with you.  I suppose in that backwater province you
have to eat truly dreadful things.  But your dear mother made you a
little something so you don't wither away to nothing.  Honestly, Dyrk, I
don't understand why you couldn't stay in Amphipolis.  What could possibly
be in Scupi that you can't get in the capital?  And that horrid place is
far more dangerous than you let on.  Yes, I did my own research.  Many of
the towns, if you can call two shacks and a hole in the ground a town,
don't even have citizen patrols.  Really, Dyrk!  You must be more
responsible.  You are the heir to the Rhesus family.  Vara certainly can't
lead the family and I'll stare down Ryllan before I let your uncle take

Talking about Vara, she complains you never write.  She still refuses to
talk with Father.  But she's reaching out to you, Dyrk don't shut her out.
What she's done it isn't the end of the world, well it is the end of the
world but she's still family.  She'll be at Temple of Delos until Nynano,
1st Pentad.  Write her.  Please.  Maybe your words will prevent her from
doing something foolish on that dreadful day.

I passed that tiresome gnome instructor of yours.  I just can never
remember those names of theirs, so strange.  Why don't they just take
proper Pelosian names?  He asked after you, was very eager to receive your
first report.  Honestly Dyrk, I don't understand your fascination with dirt
and rocks.  Why couldn't you have studied essense?  I'd been able to
provide you with all the materials and lab space required.  No, I don't
suppose you'd have accepted that either.  You'd have to do it all on your
own.  My little Dyrk, so stubborn and independent.  Just like Father, and
Vara, sigh.  

The Andokides are again pushing their ridiculous claims on the lower
vineyards.  I don't understand what they hope to accomplish.  They've been
ruled against twice in the courts already.  It wastes so much of Father's
time dealing with their annoyances.  It's rumored they will even call me
to the court.  They will rue the day.  I'll tell the court exactly what I
think about the whole outrage.  That Father's political rivals are paying
the Andokides to harass and embarrass a respected family of The Republic.  

Oh, that's right we havn't told you.  Well we havn't told anyone yet, it's
not official.  Father claims he hasn't decided yet.  But, really how can
he say no?  The Republic needs people of his talents, his breeding.  Too
many weak blooded bureaucrats are running free making a mess.  Oh, I still
haven't told you what.  It's too exciting.  You mustent divulge this, not
that there is anyone of consequence in that wretched province.  Well
several families, important families, have approached Father and suggested
that if he ran for Representative he would have their backing!

Father sends his love and regrets he doesn't have time to write, curse
those Andokides.

Love, Mother