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Dirt is a sphere. It is cold at the northern and southern ends of this sphere. It is hottest in the middle. Higher elevations are cooler and tend to get more rain. It is 28000-32000 miles around the middle. The “known world” is about 7500-8000 miles east west. [your world map is about 13000 mi across]

Topography changes. Sure everyone knows about the cataclysm. But there are slower and less drastic changes. Rain patterns change, lakes dry up. Rivers flood and find new beds to run along. Volcanoes create new islands and mountains. What are now hills were once jagged mountains. One must keep this in mind when viewing old maps and descriptions.

Flora vary most by climate(desert, plains, forest) then by elevation. Geographic distance is not much of a factor. Fauna at least the less common and magical/mythological types seem to vary great deal from region to region.

==== Lands ==== The world is dominated by a large contiguous, however tenuously, landmass. - Northern Continent: From Pelos western shores through Wildlands and Darsis to the Hademos mountains in the east. - Southern Continent: Lands south of Corcyra Sea. - Eastern Expanse: Dune Seas, Fist city states, Salt Sea. Beyond the expanse to the east are endless, nameless dry and cold plains. The Qatrun migrated from there about 900 years ago. Their legends describe being driven west by violent humanoids, like Zatar/Utbah but different. - Eastern Wastes: South and east of Rib mountains(ma’Rib). This land is now controlled by Kjore. Before the 1st and 2nd Kjore wars this area consisted Pelos and Old Kingdom colonies. - There is another largely unknown continent far to the west across the Endless Sea called Tuan after the empire that controls most of it.

=== Seas of the world === - Ice Sea. Far to the north the water between Tuan and Northern Continent has frozen into a solid sheet of ice. With mountains, rivers and plains of ice. In addition to the deadly terrain dangerous monsters prowl on, above, and below the ice.

  • Endless Sea. Largest expanse of water. Extends south from Ice Sea, west of Northern and Southern continents till, East and south of Tuan. Connects to the Bright Sea at the southern tip of the Southern Continent. Far from land titanic fish, snakes, whales, and octopuses hunt each other. Through out the sea all manner of plant and creature, mundane, mythical, magical exist. If it swims or floats it can be found here.

  • Bright Sea. Another huge body of water south of Eastern Expanse, east of Southern Continent, and west/south of Eastern Waste. Connects to Endless Sea at the southern top of the Southern Continent. In the north one must worry about Utbah pirates. To the south past Sunesh and around the Southern Isles don’t worry it is unlikely you will return, few have. Those that do stayed far from shore and fled north after encountering titantic sea monsters. Everywhere one should fear encountering aquatic abominations from Kjore.

  • Corcyra Sea. The most traveled sea, it touches two major island groups and connects the known world. It lies between Northern and Southern Continents and west of the Eastern Expanse. It connects to the Endless Sea through Pelos Minor islands and the Theops Sea in the North. The northern shallows, esp around islands are home to Niptia sea folk. The Pelosian navies do a pretty good job of keeping this sea safe. But they are few and can’t be everywhere. Utbah pirates are still a concern on the southeastern and eastern shores. The occasional Kjore horror slips past the blockade around the Lost Isle. Few travel through the deep middle sea what you can meet out there is anyone’s guess.

  • Theops Sea. This sea is tiny in comparison to the others and probably didn’t exist prior to the cataclysm. Notable in that it is nearly circular and at it’s center is a gigantic whirlpool. To the south is an opening to the Corcyra Sea. The shallows near the coast are home to Niptia sea folk. The shores around Darsis and those of Pelos Empire are safe as are the frequently traveled(and patrolled) routes between ports. But other areas especially along the Wildlands and near Bozi are plagued with monsters and infrequent Kjore abomination.

  • Salt Sea. Northeast of the Dune Seas in the Eastern Expanse. It is surrounded by salt flats and is it self so salty few creatures can live it it. It was once a great sea like Corcyra but has been slowly shrinking since the cataclysm. The few creatures that can survive here are the type you do not want to encounter, such as dragons.

  • Southern Ice Sea. It is not known but assumed to exist. Like the Ice Sea but south of Tuan/Southern Continent/Eastern Waste.

=== Major Island Groups === - Those making up the bulk of Pelos Minor south and west of Northern Continent. They form the border between the Corcyra and Endless seas. Major islands: Thassos, Nmos, Dilos, Dokos, Alyki. Many Niptia live around these islands. The surrounding waters are safe and well patrolled by Republic Navy.

  • Those in north central Corcyra Sea, part of Pelos. Major islands: Skros, Ios, “Lost” Isle. Many Niptia live around these islands. Except for Kjore abominations that escape from the Lost Isle the surrounding waters are safe and well patrolled by Empire Navy.

  • Southern Isles, not part of known world and whose existence is not widely known. The northern few are hot and covered in jungle, southern ones becoming very cold. The names if they have them are unknown. Hostile humanoids inhabit these islands.

  • An unknown, to known world, group just east of Tuan and extending from far north to middle of that Continent. The are populated by Tuan subjects.

=== Mountains of the World === - Cabalia mountains, extend for thousands of miles. Providing Pelos with western and northern borders. They continue across the Wildlands where they are known by several different local names. In the west they are fairly small, many are dormant volcanoes esp to the south where they form many islands and the “backs” of Nimos and Thossos Islands of Pelos Minor. They get progressively larger the further east one goes. Till they connect with the Hadenos mountains and their size rivals that of the mighty ma’Rib. The giant northern peaks are perpetually covered in ice and snow. Few passes exist but there is little reason to use them to the west is the Endless Sea and north is only frozen wasteland. The western, warmer mountains are home to the avian Thyrellon race. It is rumored that dragons live in the eastern Cabalia’s.

  • Cheldonia mountains, on the western end of Thossos Island, largest island of Pelos Republic and location of the Amphipolis, the capital. Relatively small. Several currently dormant volcanoes, but the have erupted in recent past, couple hundred years. Geographically “connecting” the Cabalia and Caria mtn chains. A few hundred avian Thyrellon roost here. Few monsters survive long here in the heart of magical and militant Pelos Republic.

  • The other islands of Pelos Minor has numerous small mountain chains and volcanoes, mostly dormant. Notable exception is Mt. Adelfoi on Adelfoi island which has been slowely oozing magma into the ocean for hundreds of years. Which doesn’t stop many people from living there. It is in fact the holiest site to Gelix and houses his greatest temple.

  • Hadenos mountains, a long but small/short chain connecting to the Cabalia east of the Wildlands and extending north-south along the Corcyra coast. Several passes exist the most famous being the Camel Pass, so named for the huge Babrem camel caravans traveling through on their way to/from Darsis and the Dune Seas. They are also notable for being the eastern terminus of the great road which crumbles and disappears into the Hadenos. Griffons are common in the lower slopes. A fact that has led to Darsis possessing a sizable contingent of aerial calvary.

  • ma’Rib, largest/tallest known mountians. Streetch northeast of fist, they also go south along the coast into the Eastern Wastes but peter out after thousand miles. Very volcanic, anywere from 4-12 erupting at any given time. Scores others remain active. The rest of the chain is mostly old volcanoes. They are tall, jagged, and treacherous. The tallest are covered in snow a strange thing to the desert inhabinants far below. No passes exist which is good as the other side is Kjore. Huge birds, Roc’s in Qadir,

  • ma’Harad, a spur of the ma’Rib, jutting west 700 miles creating the Harad peninsula. They are fairly small and quickly become little more than hills. This area is sparsely populated and all sorts of monsters might dwell here.

  • ma’Basht, continuation of the Hadenos chain. Extend 1200 miles north-south along the Corcyra coast between Babrem city of Kahta in the north Patrea, Pelosian colony, in the south. Dragons are known to live here, hunting both across the Corcyra Sea and into the Dune Seas of the Babrem. Griffons are one of their more common menu items.

  • Pomphia mountains, continuation of Hadenos and ma’Basht chains across Utbah isthmus and southwest into the Southern Continent. They are relatively small especially along the isthmus. Passes are common the two most important/famous are that between Petrae, the Dead City of Troia. And the “Pelos Road” which connects Pelos Colony of Beroea and the Sunesh capital. Many Utbah dwell here. As do monsters. A Kjore abomination left from the last war or climbing up from Troia wouldn’t be rare either.

  • Caria mountains, small mountains extending about 900 miles southeast from the sharp northern point of the Southern Continent. Their eastern side is well watered and what little land exists before the coast is productively farmed by Ka’im and Pelosians. The western side is the opposite, dry as bone, raining briefly but intensely only few months of the year. They wrap around the eastern side of the Ka’im Mesa. Zatar are known to inhabit the western slopes and foothills.

  • Zagrak “Angry Earth” is the active volcano in middle of Ka’im Mesa. It is sacred to Ka’im, outsiders are not welcome.

  • Several additional unnamed ranges exist in the Southern Continent.

  • A unbelievably huge volcano is reported to exist in Southern Tuan. It is called Great Father in Tuan.

  • There must be other mountain chains in Tuan, but their details are unknown.

=== Deserts of the World === - Scupi Basin: Small but hot and desolate desert. Includes the slightly cooler Scupi Badlands, coasts/badlands south to Ka’im Mesa and north to Etebos Island. A small salt lake exists at the center of the basin.

  • Zatar Wastes: North central Southern Continent. Along the coast it is fairly wet considering but 200mi inland it is rocky, flat, wasteland populated by Zatar and who knows what else.

  • Dune Seas: Thousands of miles of desert only some of it mostly to the south are actual sand dunes. Home of the Babrem and a menagerie of dangerous monsters. Djin and Rakhasha being some of the most feared.

  • The Harads: Deserts of Fist. Rocky badlandy in the east. Flat, salty and or rocky in the north. Sandy dunes in the south. Besides the Qadir, the enigmatic Arite, and troublesome Djin call this home.

  • Cold Wastes: North of Cabalia mountains little snow falls. Such a place is certainly the hunting grounds for terrible beasts.

  • Salt flats: Extending several hundred miles around the Salt Sea. Not only is rain scarce but the salty ground and air sucks moisture from your body. Few creatures survive here, those that do are not pleasant.

  • Southern Desert: Dry lands south of Ka’im Mesa. More of a really dry steppe than a desert. Small herds of grazing animals and those that feed on them including many Zatar can be found here.

=== Important Cities === - Philopolis: Captital of the Pelos Empire. - Tarsi: Second largest city of Empire and large port where major rivers enter the Theops Sea. Trade from all over the Wildlands, Darsis and beyond pass through Tarsi. - Beroea: Pelos Empire. Formerly the link between The Empire and it’s valuable subject, Sunesh Kingdom. After loosing Sunesh The Empire has tried hard to forget it exists. The Council of Beroea is fairly free to do as it pleases. Unfortunately this freedom includes paying Empire for the Navy and Military it keeps here.

  • Bozi: Devastated capital of Old Kingdom. Nothing but tainted ruins and dangerous monsters now.

  • Darsis: Citystate, last remnant of the Old Kingdom. Important trade link between Babrem and Pelos Empire/Republic.

  • Amphipolis: Captital of the Pelos Republic.

  • Symi: 2nd largest city of Republic.

  • Patrea: Pelos Republic. Formerly a busy port, now a mostly abandoned massive military fortress. Linked by Pelosian road to Troia. During 2nd Kjore war, after devastating Troia the Kjore used that fine road to overrun Patrea and reinforce their attacks on Old Kingdom and launch new ones against Pelos. Eventually it was retaken and the current massive fortress was constructed. After losing control of Sunesh, The Empire really didn’t want anything to do with this area and sold the fortress and surrounding lands to Pelos Republic.

  • Troia, the Dead City: Former colony of Pelos on the Bright Sea and connected to Petrae on the Corcyra Sea by typically fine Pelosian road. It linked the Empire with it’s colonies and subject nations(such as Sunesh). During 2nd Kjore war it was overrun and devastated, it remains tainted and uninhabitable to this day.

  • Kahta: Babrem trade city on the Corcyra Sea.

  • Jashan: Babrem trade city on the Bright Sea.

  • Bam: Fist city state. Fist’s only major port on the Bright Sea. It is also an endpoint of major Babrem caravan route.

  • Sari: Fist city state. Endpoint of major Babrem caravan route. Source of most resources extracted from Salt Sea, esp salt.

  • Doha: Fist city state. Location of Statue of Light, nominal capital of Fist.

  • Yasuj: Fist city state. Bordering the ma’Rib. It is famed for it’s iron ores and the craftsmen that that shape it.

=== Other Landmarks === == Ka’im Mesa == roughly circular 1300mi dia plateau located in northwestern section of Southern Continent. It rises in steep cliffs 100-500 feet from surround deserts and badlands. At it’s center is the Zagrak a large volcano. It is comparatively well watered, having a savanna type climate. It is heavily populated with Ka’im to the west and Zatar to the east.

== Galidor’s Tower == Home of probably the most powerful mage of the known world. At the end of the Great Road on western spur of land jutting out and separating Theops and Corcyra Seas.

== Etebos Island == North tip on the “Beak” of the the Southern Continent.

==== Peoples ====

=== Men === == Darsis & Wildlands == Majority of the population in Darsis, Wildlands and other areas.

These people have mixed with others so often that there is no commality in their outward appearances. All shapes, sizes, and colors of men can be found.

Those linages that trace back the furthest and have the least admixture of foriegn blood are tall, pale, blond, and blue-eyed.

Professions and magical aptitudes here are as varied as the population. Pelosian “The Nine” religion is prelevant. Although individual gods are more often worshiped. Other local religions exist. Also several cults.

They are proficient sailers and posess merchants skills to rival the shrewdest Babrem Camel pusher.

Culturarly they have a strong independent and adventurous streak. No where else can one so readly seize their own fortune as in Darsis/Wildlands.

== Qatrun == “The Peoples of Fist”

Of short to average height. Many complexions from pale to dark, most tend to be “brown” typical of desert dwellers. Black or brown hair either curly or straight. Eyes are typicaly brown, but blue and green are to be found. Facial hair is common but often shaved.

Divine and Psionic magic are common. Arcane magic was never mentioned by the Statue of Light, therefore it is deemed to be against Hlark’s will and not allowed. Visiting forerigners are the only arcanists you might find.

There is one and only on religion, Fist aka Hlark.

Curiously the Qatrun reckon it is the 17967th year. Which puts start of calendar some 17000 years prior to cataclysm. Qatrun people, like most, are older than the cataclysm but few if any civilazation predates it. Their calendar came from the statue of light.

Qatrun believe the whole is more important than the individual.

They live in a dozen or so strongly coupled city states, scattered about The Harads.

== Babrem == Shorter than most men. Ruddy sunburnt complexions. Black or Brown eyes with hair to match. Tend to be hairy people with full beards that the men wear with pride.

Tribal nomands who live in the deserts and lands now part of Fist. Many have “civilized” and moved to Qatrun cities. Many others stubbornly persist as they always have. And a few activly resist Fist.

There are two Babrem cities, great trade nexuses, both ports. One, Kahta, on the west coast Corcyra Sea. The other to the south, Kashan, is larger and borders the Bright Sea. Most trade from Sunesh and even some from Fist travels through Kashan. Most trade to/from Pelos esp Pelos Minor shortcuts to Kahta.

Psionic Wilders are rather common compared to other peoples. Thukiri tribe have many desert druids. Other than those magical abilites are unknown amongst the Babrem.

== Sunesh == Short and slight build with range of skin tones from “olive” to darker browns. Most have short straight or kinky black hair. Brown eyes. Facial hair is rare.

They are a civilized race although not as advanced as Pelos, Fist, or the Old Kingdom. Also know as the “Old Men” by Pelosians as their civilization seems to have been around for several thousand years. Unlike everyone else who is post-cataclysm(at most 1000years old).

Divine magic is common amongst the ruling caste. Arcane less so and rarely independent of religion[most are multiclassed with cleric]. There are no Sunesh psionists. Common folk, the vast majority, are denied advanced magics.

They are good agricultralists, providing most of the food for Fist and exotics for everyone else. They have great fear of deep water and are craptacular sailors. Which has led to foriegn powers dominating their trade. Previoulsy Pelos Major and know Babrem and Fist.

== Tuan == Far Westerners from the Continent/empire of Tuan. Almond shaped eyes, black hair, pale brown skin. Shorter, less muscular.

=== Pelosian === (“high” are elves) 40% (“common” 40% are half-elves) (“common” 20% are humans with less than 1/2 elvish blood)

Note: Peolsians and others don’t make the high/common distinction. They are all simply Pelosian.

Pelosians as a whole are proficient manipulators of arcane, divine, and psionic. Magic pervades their culture and technology.

Common Pelosians have mixed with other peoples. Compared to High Pelosians they are slightly shorter, with paler skin. With black or brown hair although blond and red are not unheard of. Most often brown eyes but never the yellow, orange, red, bright piercing blue seen with High Pelosians.

High Pelosians are tall, lithe and stately. They tend to lack facial hair, have light brown skin, black hair and varied eye color. Are even more attuned to the magic arts than their Common brethren.

=== Gnome === A diminutative race, they aren’t often magically adept but many posses curious innate powers. The excell at the mundane sciences.

Two major subcultures, “Forest Gnomes” that live in sprawling tree forts and “Hill Gnomes” which tunnel extensive burrows.

Their exact origin is a mystery. No non-Pelosian population has been found.

Gnomes do not marry other races, there are no half-gnomes.

=== Tribes of the Southern Continent === These are orcs in D&D terms.

== Zatar == Darker skinned and very tall nomadic herdsmen. The short kinky black hair on thier heads and backs which they universaly dye red with a paticular mud that also makes it spiky and hard.

Xenophobic and hostile to anyone outside their tribe including other Zatar.

They are numerous but predominately exist in the interior of the continent. Exist in small bands of from 40-260 individuals.

== Ka’im == Lightest skinned and shortist of the “Tribes”. They also grow more and longer hair, black or very dark brown.

They are the least “evil” of the tribes. They are also the most civilized and were practicing agriculture even before Pelosians colonists arrived. Now many Ka’im are subjects of Pelos and live along side the colonists.

Form small interconnected villages of a few hundred individuals. Populating the northwest coastal regions of the Southern Continent. Many also live/work within Pelosian settlements. Tens of thousands are slaves mostly in Darisi/Wildlands, City

They are still tribal with 4-10 villages belonging to the same “tribe” but inter-tribal conflict is a thing of the past. Tribe distinctions are rapidly disappearing as inter-mating(they don’t really marry) is encouraged.

== Utbah == Very dark skined, short black hair covers most of their bodies.

Not quite as vile as Zatar but them make up for it in being more technically organized and proficient. They are notorious pirates and are a reason the overland Babrem caravans remain profitable. Each tribe operates one or more pirate vessels. They’re happy to pillage by land too causing great problems for Northern Sunesh and Pelosian colonies of Petrae and Beroea.

They populate both coasts of the isthmus that bears their name and connects Southern Continent to the Dune Seas. Every year the settle farther north along the Corcyra Sea towards Babrem city Kahta.

=== Thyrellon === Small winged humanoids. Weak, low-endurance, low magical abilities.

The males sport bright plumage varing by color and pattern between individuals which fades to white with age. Females are covered in shades of grey and white with blend in to their high mtn homes. Both have black pupiless eyes. No hair just feathers and down.

They live in the clifts and mountains of Pelos Major. Tribal and barely civilized they rarely conflict/interact with other races.

=== Arite === Desert humanoids who until recently have been extremly rare and shunned civilized contact.

Red-eyed and sandy skinned. They lack any body hair.

They are known to exist in the areas around Fist. Other than rumor and fancifull tales that is about all that is known of them.

=== Niptia / Seafolk === Semi-nomadic aquatic humanoids. They form pods consisting of a few dozen to several hundred members.

The coloration of their scales and “hair” vary greatly but seem to be similar amoung members of the same pod.

Known to live in the shallow waters around Darsis, Wildlands, and Pelos.

=== Kjore === Kjores are many races, mixtures of races, corruption of races, and various biological monstrosities that have been summoned or “crafted” by Priestesses..

They are unnatural abominations. Horrific mockeries of nature. They need to be eradicated and the land they infest purified.