Have guest npc’s, evil overlord

- Riddles

In the first place, something you should know, It was said to start a tale of woe. Now its eyes are sometimes said To gleam from fallen blocks instead. Sometimes fatal its cool embrace, Sometimes deadly its pointed taste.

A healer’s staff is tightly wrapped, A charming way to earn your pay.

A snake

Like a Kraken rising from the foam, A spear embedded in its heart, It journeys low inside the home, With soaking kisses to impart.

Its tentacles all waving low, It leaves behind a gleaming path Becomes bedraggled as it goes And then it plunges in a bath.

When it’s done with the dip, It’s throttled to release its grip.


Voiceless it cries, Wingless it flutters, Toothless bites, Mouthless mutters. Answer: The wind

It has a golden head and a golden tail but it’s body is nowhere to be found. Answer: Gold coin

As light as a feather, but you can’t hold it for ten minutes. Answer: Your breath

The man who made it didn’t need it. The man who bought it didn’t use it. The man who used it didn’t want it. Answer: A coffin

Red eagle regiment

Puzzle all directions and diagonals == 15 294 753 618

- Monsters
3,6,12 Abeil Bee People MMII 11 MMII Juggernaut serpent king uses 2 Loxo elephant people MMII 1-7 MMII myconid fungus people 4 Yak Folk MMII 7 Nimblewright MMII - shapechange construct spy/infiltrator Monsters of Legend MMII template pg 214
1 Ash Rat - MMII magical on fire rat 1/2 orc 1/3 skeleton 1 Gnoll 1 Grimlock 2 Needlefolk MMII huminad cactus plants 2 Hippogriff - magical 2 Vargulle 2 Dire Hawk MMII 2 stone spike MMII - elemental earth 1,3 Fungus 1,3,5,7 Raggamoffyn MMII constructs from junk 3 Automon - MMII pelos machines 3 Giant Owl 3-6-10 Firelizard (salamander) 3 Ogre 3 cockatrice - magical 3 Dire Wolf 3 Boggle - pest 3 Fire bat MMII elemental 4 Griffon - magical 4 Harpy can have class lvls 4 displacer beast 12 pack lord 4 Dire Boar 4 Skeleton Chimera 3,5,7,9 elementals 4 Minotaur 4-9 Hydra - magical 5 Spawn of Kyuss MMII - undead 5 Dire Snake MMII 5 Manticore - magical 5 Dire Lion 5 Green Hag 5 Achaierai flightless bird 5 Chain Golem MMII 5,10,13 Golems MMII 6 Annis Hag 6 Belker - Smoke air elemental 6 Lamia - magical bad lion 6 Catoblepas - MMII abberation in swamp 6,7,8,9 Legendary creatures MMII 7 Medusa 7,8,9 Sphinxs - magical 7 Dire Bear 7 Chimera magical 7 Dragonne - magical 7 Hill Giant 7 Breathdrinker - MMII air elemental 7 Darktenticles MMII - swamp 7 Scorpian folk MMII pg 221 8 Gorgon - magical 9 Night Hag 8,13 Lammasu good lion protector 8 Behir - huge magical beast 9 Dune Stalker MMII 9 Yrthak - huge magical beast 9 Roc 9 Braxats - MMII large mtn/desert hunters 10 Dire Elephant MMII 10 Rakshasa 10 Bronze Serpent - MMII construct 10 Spell Weaver MMII - kick ass 6 arms 12 Elemental Weirds MMII
Titantic creatures Kj MMII template pg 217 Chimeric creatures Kj MMII template pg 206 Death Knight Kj MMII template pg 208 1 Bladelings - MMII Kj foot troops 3 Howler - Kj pack, quills, howl 3 Grell MMII - Kj floating beaked brains with tenticles 3 Grick - Kj worm w/ tenticles 3 phantom fungus - mobile invisoa 3 Fihyr MMII - Kj horror 4,5,7,9 clockwork horros MMII - kj captured pelos constructs tainted 5 Shadow mastiff - Kj 5 Rast - Kj 5 Nightmare - other elements besides fire, frost, ligting, acid 5 Spider Eater - Kj mounts magical 6 Tendriculos - Kj Huge plant 6 Shambling Mound - Kj 6 Gauth - Kj 6eyed beholder 6 Digester - Kj 6 Hook Horror MMII Kj 7 Phasm - ameoba shapechange 7 Chaos Beast - Kj 8+ mindflayer as Kj queen 8 Destrachan - Kj large abberations 9 Bodak - Kj undead, death gae 10 Avolakia - Kj MMII
Kaenus in the Balance ===================== [Silvertown, Scupi Province, Judgement Day 1025]
  • Session notes

Session #5 Ophidian’s burried temple part2 awesome player notes.

leave temple, here explosion, nodule hitting shield, elevator broken dead miner,

meet pei pang, lucisous raven that gets fucked by psedo dragon.

encounter rhino in town, deal with it.

go to silvertown


Rhea different name -> went to farther

Ian’s homeland is on island off big southern city. city area overrun island last refuge, like alexander and T town, kjore builds land bridge cause pelos owns sea

Kaenas - scorpians in bedding

Sword detect Kjore bane Kjore


What are your tow bonus class skills? handle animal,

house majid


What are your tow bonus class skills? sense motive and knowledge: geography

nature and geography

Knows all poisons from known families that you can craft. Can craft known poison if DC is < 20+skill mod(tmp bonus not applicable). Can learn other poison from a sample with Craft check DC is poison DC+5, sample is used up. Need equipment 100gp(base), 400gp(base) for masterwork(+2 craft). Can use alchemy lab instead which provides +2 craft. 1 week make Craft Check(can take 10) fail by > 5 raw materials are ruined fail by > 10 exposed to poison success result x craft DC = gp worth of poison

Poison Foot - 10’ range increment, ranged touch, if target entangled poison affects them. Contact poison + 40gp(base) + DC27 Alchemy Check.

Bag of goo to deliver contact poison - 10’ range increment, ranged touch/splash weapon(5’ of target has 50% chance of exposure with +4 circumstance bonus to save), just poison no entangling, safe(no chance of self-poisoning until thrown). Contact poison + 20gp(base) + DC25 Alchemy Check.

Poison Smoke Stick - 10’ cube of poison smoke. inhalation poison + 20gp(base) + DC22 Alchemy Check.

You may be able to research a colorless poison smoke stick.

SCORPIONIDA This family includes poisons brewed from typical species of scorpions along with those discovered among the more monstrous versions. Most scorpion poisons cause Strength damage. Brawnpincer: Large scorpion venom; black, oily, liquid with bitter smell; scorpionida family; injury DC 18; 1d6 Str / 1d6 Str; Craft DC 23; Price 575 gp; Exposure DC 15. Desert Remorse: Ground dire scorpion chitin; odorless, light brown powder; scorpionida family; ingestion DC 13; none / 3d6 Str permanent drain; Craft DC 17; Price 136 gp; Exposure DC 2. This poison enjoys the benefits of the Mute Poison feat; this quality has no effect on its Craft DC. Wasting Dunes: Filtered jester scorpion ichor; thin, red liquid with faint odor of cinnamon; scorpionida family; contact DC 23; none / 1d20 Str; Craft DC 35; Price 2,450 gp; Exposure DC 31

SERPENTE This family includes poisons brewed from typical species of snakes along with those discovered among the more monstrous versions. Most snake poisons cause Constitution damage. Darkling Tongue: Concentrated black adder venom; black, watery liquid that smells like coffee; serpente family; injury DC 11; 1d6 Con / 1d6 Con; Craft DC 16; Price 128 gp; Exposure DC 8. Flamestrike: Extracted flamestrike rattler venom; clear, odorless liquid; serpente family; injury DC 26; 2d8 Str / 2d8 Str; Craft DC n/a; Price 1,550 gp; Exposure DC 24. The venom of the flamestrike rattler cannot be brewed from raw materials. It can only be milked from a live snake, which requires a Handle Animal check DC 30 Viper’s Kiss: Kippered gray viper muscle; pink threads with gamy smell; serpente family; ingestion DC 18; 3 Con permanent drain / 3 Con permanent drain; Craft DC 20; Price 300 gp; Exposure DC 4.

MINERAL Poisons in this family are processed from naturally occurring rocks and minerals. Their qualities are as varied as their source material. Due to the relatively lower amount of refining required to create them, mineral poisons enjoy a -1 modifier to their Craft DCs. Representative poisons: Buckling Breath, Ungol Dust, and Wisp of Pallstone. FUNGUS Poisons in this family are brewed from mildews, molds, mushrooms, and many others. Most fungus poisons have low potency but high toxicity. Representative poisons: Gray Stalker, Kakophage, Striped Toadstool, and Truffle Dirge.

When Su

staff melding charges store posion comes out with thorn


What are your two bonus class skills?

special unit, here with 2 others, report to Kirphis.

investigate sunesh changling, investigate ruins

scupi is point of convergence