Elondar goddes of sky,air,birds,weather Mylien goddes of healing, health, protection, compassion Sineri Syl god/goddes of games, revelry, glutttony, parties, fun! Myri one of three god/godds/thing of living nature plants, animals Zord god of seas,oceans,weather/travel by water. honored for peacefully ending Pelos civil war.

— Iclesioh(6) 1024 — 27-6 [Dinner with Lucius Lucinor] 29-6 [Ophidian Fear]

— Nyano(7) 1024 — 02-7 Ore train raided by Tazix :( 05-7 Judgment Day. Beaho’s “holy” day 05-7 [Kaenus in the Balance] 11-7 [Vervigis Sealed] 16-7 [Tazix’s last Gurgle] 23-7 Waterdrop disappears from the sky. Major holy day for Elondar and Mylien

— Shios(8) 1024¬— - [A box? You’re searching for a Box?] - Fist crusade’s vs Kjore stalls, no center is found, the tip meanders while all along the shaft attack after attack is launched by Kjore’s corruptions. - Drought ends, cheaper water, water spells no longer banned 14-8 Flame disappears Major holy day for Myri, Sineiri Syl. Syl’s “parties” er holy rites in particular last for days and are observed by most regardless of beliefs :)

— Sheus(9) 1024¬— - Scupi -> Silvertown road completed. - Rumor Erfal Ravenfingers, infamous gnome thief, has escaped from Clift’s Edge prison and is plotting a heist of caravan! 02-9 Dyrkius returns to school, his field study being mostly a disappointment 06-9 – 28-9 [Run dog, Run] 09-9 Day of The Nine. holy day for all the nine gods. No work. 21-9 Buring rocks rain from sky, set your camel on fire. 30-9 End of year. “Death of past” rites by Myri priests.

— Ateo(1) 1025¬— - Desert Condor Right Wing in Ka’im Mesa starts campaign to eradicate the Zatar who have been raiding in ever increasing numbers. - Rumor Erfal Ravenfingers, infamous gnome thief, is the new prisoner at clift’s Edge. 01-1 Start of year. “Birth of future” rites by Myri priests. 06-1 Huge meteor streaks across the early morning sky, impacting far east in the Badlands the resulting fireball is so large and bright it lights the heavens. Sky is darkened dropping temperatures and dust “rains” for weeks. 19-1 Republic Day. celbrating independece from Empire, Zoryd holy day

— Ananios(2) 1025¬— - Disaster! Fist’s shaft is broken! huge numbers of troops are trapped and many lost to the overrunning hordes of Kjore. - Silvertown -> Clift’s Edge road started. - Roxors get progressivly more aggressive against miners. - Rumor Erfal Ravenfingers, infamous gnome thief, is hiding out in Central Basin after crossing High-Magus of Delos 16-2 – 26-2 [Farther Gone] 21-2 waterdrop returns Major holy day for Elondar. 27-2 News is that Blue Falcon has debarked in Scupi some say to replace Desert Condor others to join campaign against Zatar in Ka’im Mesa. 30-2 Hyrmina is promoted to 1st of Desert Condor.

— Parius(3) 1025 — 01-3 - Start of session. Group is in House Majid, Mine. 03-3 - Day of The Three. holy day for the three gods. No work.