[Silvertown, Scupi Province ~06-1024 While at the Silvertown bathhouse, you are stunned to see Cobon, a long time and trusted servant of the Ikase family. Sold into slavery(you’re not sure why, probably some crime) when his time was up Gabriel offered and he accepted to become personal servant. He served your mother after Gabriel’s death.

You are moving to embrace him but he signals you to be discrete. Later we meet privately, he informs you of recent events back home and hands you this letter from your mother.

He explains the plan is for him to return to Ios were he has family which he has been visiting or so the cover story goes. Once there he will drink a potion that will cause him to forget this letter, the trip here, meeting you everything. These precautions are necessary since Kallisto will no doubt stoop to illegal enchantments to learn your whereabouts and plans.

He also informs you that the included leather collar is a powerful charm wrought by the insane priests of Airlan Synarion and is proof against magical detection. Although agents of Kallisto probably already know you are in Scupi/Silvertown at least they shouldn’t be able to pinpoint you exactly anymore.

Dear Son, Oh why did you flee? I suspect to protect me, but I could never kill, even a monster like Gnaeus. What a fool I was, he had many mistresses, I’ve now leaned. Beaho’s justice is bitter indeed for one of them, Helle, killed Gnaeus in a fit of jealousy. She was found wondering the streets soaked in his blood and confessed to the deed.

That harpy, Kallisto, wasted no time in sinking her talons deeper into the family’s business. In your absence she is legal executor, not that the law would stop that Myllenrinor blessed woman.

I am safe for now, she dare not move against me so soon after death and disappearance of two Ikasse heirs. I’m more useful in providing legitimacy to her control of the family affairs. But you, my son, you are the crack in her plans. You are the last Ikasse by blood and whatever claims or control she has will crumble in the face of that truth.

I fear for you. Her heart is colder than the Northen Wastes. She has much to loose and I suspect morality will not stay her efforts to retain it. There are even rumors she has hired assassins to ensure you never return. Oh, Ian I am helpless to aid you. I lay here in dispare that they have already found their target and you are lost to me.

No, I am sure you remain safe, my heart tells me as much. As much as I long to see you again, I know it is not safe for you to return. First you must learn who you can still trust and where Kallisto is weak. She has many allies within and without the family.

Don’t try to contact me, I am carefully watched by her agents. Cobon’s return will tell me all I need to know. You remember sweet Damaris? She is in Berorea with House Ision. I will leave word with her when I can.

Nine Blessings on you, Love mother

[Ios is a large island it’s on player map] [Beaho is god of Vengence, punishment, destruction] [Myllenrinor, minor god of thieves, night, shadows, secrets] [Airlan Synarion goddess of divination, knowldge, protection, madness (goddess and priests are insane cause they know all the horrors past and futur)]