You will sleep/study spells sometime and when you do the following occurs. Feel free to post / discuss this with Qazir/ian(the shoulder one) on the email list.

You sleep fitfully, experiencing short dreams/visions of your father.

When you were a child / young adult, helping with your martial training, encouraging you to join him in the military. Father and son together against the world.

Dreams of you older after he had left, visions that could not be. You and he standing on the bridge of a Great War-Trimarian commanding a squadron of ships against Babrem pirate cosairs their black sails engulfed in flames from your spells.
Each of you astride a winged horse token, fully decked out in marvelous armor, leading a great host to crush your families biggest political and trade rivals on the mainland. The land turning red with blood and the air filled with their pittyful wimperings for mercy.

Visions of you today, your father’s hand reaching out from darkness. “Join me son,” a light illuminating his gentle and warmly loving face, “join me and share ultimate power. Together we will conqour this world and know life’s mysteries.”Failing to immediately grab his hand your father becomes a bit stern “It is your destiney, you ca…”

Mid sentence you are startled awake, sweating, tired but strangely mentally envigorated. Ian is licking and sucking at your eyeball. “Hey, you don’t feed me! What am I suppose to do, starve?”

When studying spells this morning you may memorize up to 4 known spells that are not in the PHB. Can be any level. These aren’t extra spells just exceptions to the no spell not in PHB “Dungeons of Despair” limitation.