====== Scupi Province ====== {DM} ===== Random Encounters ===== {DM END}

===== Scupi ===== 90 years established. 1100 population.

==== History ==== Capital of Scupi Province. A Fort and small agriculture colony. It had been just a base for anti-piracy patrols and a rest stop for ships traveling to more interesting places. But its importance increased greatly when valuable ores where discovered inland.

1st/2nd/3rd Consuls(civilian leaders apt by senate) are also the “governor” of Scupi Province.

==== Navy ==== At Scupi Fort is based a flight of three Sprigate class Pelosian Navy Catamarans. There are never more than two in port at any time. The other 1-2 being on patrol. - “Storm Rider” - “Gull Chaser” 3rd officer, Iakchos(h peolsian, m. idealistic, young believes his iron pendent of mylien is lucky) - “Electra”

==== Scupi Swallow ==== Scout bird (81 men) colors are brown and maze/sandy yellow

==== Blue Falcon ==== Calvary Bird (729 men) colors are blue and white

==== Desert Condor ==== Calvary Bird (729 men) colors are black and yellow.

=== Head === 27 men based in #Silvertown 1st of Desert Condor #Pelopia

=== Body === 81 men building roads, fortications in Far, Farther, Red Ridge

=== Tail === 81 men === 6 Scout Feathers === assigned all over == 3 Juggernaut Feathers == * 2 #Farther * 1 #Silvertown

=== Fore Section, Right Wing === 90 men on deep patrol NE of #Farther == Command Feather == * 1st # (2nd of Wing)

=== Middle Section, Right Wing === 90 men deployed in #Farther == Command Feather == * 1st #Galatea (1st of Wing)

=== Rear Section, Right Wing === 90 men on deep patrol SE of #Farther == Command Feather == * 1st # (3rd of Wing)

=== Fore Section, Left Wing === 90 men == Command Feather == * 1st #Azeus (2nd of Wing) * 2nd #Nebaurdae * 3rd # * 3 Fighter * 2 Ranger (messenger) * 1/4 Fighter/Ranger (messenger) * 4 Cleric * 1/5 Fighter/Cleric * 5 Wizard == Feathers == * 5 #Silvertown troop of 27 patrols to Clift’s Edge * 4+cmd #Clift's Edge (clifts edge also has guards for prisoner/slaves)

=== Middle Section, Left Wing === 90 men == Command Feather == * 1st #Hyrmina (1st of Wing) * 2nd # * 3rd #Tenes * 6 other rng, fg, wi, cl == Feathers == * 6+cmd #Far troop of 27 patrols road to mine * 3 on deep patrol South

=== Rear Section, Left Wing ===a 90 men == Command Feather == * 1st #Theas (3rd of Wing) == Feathers == * 4 #Blood Rock troop of 27 patrols to phokins & north * 4+cmd #Red Ridge troop of 27 patrols around NE * 1 #Mine

==== Peoples ==== === Citizen Galatea === 9 Fighter, female C. Pelosian. 1st of Left Wing, Desert Condor. (1st of Middle Section)

=== Citizen Theas === 7 Cleric, male H. Pelosian. 3rd of Left Wing, Desert Condor. (1st of Rear Section)

=== Prone the artficer ===

=== Mubak ===

===== Silvertown ===== 60 years established. 250 population.

The Consul is comprised of #Lethos, #Trypho, and #Hyrmina.

==== History ==== Sixty years ago this was the first mining encampment. After the nearby silver mines played out, Silvertown slowly became the trade center and hub for other camps and small mining towns established to extract silver, copper, tin, and other valuables discovered in the ridges and nearby badlands.

Virtually all mine production passes through Silvertown on its way to the port of Scupi. Likewise most of the workers, food, equipment, and other supplies come to Silvertown before shipping out to their final destination. Many of the workers come to Silvertown to spend their wages and leisure time. Swelling the population above it’s normal 240 people.

Other than mining there is little else going on in Silvertown and even less in the surrounding settlements. Being on the edge of civilization surrounded by arid, desolate, monster infested terrain attracts few other than the occasional prospector or exotic plant/monster harvester.

{DM}talings sold to Ka’im as fertilzer, tailings reproseed to extract other ores.{DM END}

==== Fore Section, Left Wing, Desert Condor ==== Desert Condor’s colors are black and yellow. Emblem is, of course, a left wing.

==== Peoples ==== === Lethos === 6 Aristocrat male C Pelosian. Magistrate of Silvertown, appointed by Consul of Scupi. === Citizen Trypho === 5 Cleric, male H Pelosian. Chief priest in town. Follower of “the three”. === Citizen Hyrmina === 2/6 Fighteri/Psion, female H Pelosian. 2nd of Left Wing, Desert Condor. (1st of Fore Section) === Azeus === 4/5/ Fighter/Sorceror male C Pelosian. 1st of Fore Section, Left Wing, Desert Condor === Nebaurdae === 4/4 Cleric/Illusionist female Gnome, 2nd of Fore Section, Left Wing, Desert Condor === Tenes === 7 Fighter male H Pelosian. 3rd of Fore Section, Left Wing, Desert Condor === Lucius Lucinor === 8 wi

===== Red Ridge ===== 40 years established. 160 population.

===== Mine ===== 35 years established. 60 population.

These mines are played out, ghost town population is leaving.

=== Peoples === == Vareerf Dirthand == gn(m) 1st Mine Council. Owner of only remaining mine in Mine. {DM} 4exp, Empathetic, people person, LOVES Garlic “Hmmmm, garlic. Blessed of Mile-ee-in, gotta count for somethin, eh?”

Younger than he looks, greying cinnamon hair, large droopy nose, black squinty eyes(the sun), beige skin. Wears clean professional robes of business, and his council sash at all times.

Respected by miners/towners as he has kept mine open, thought a fool by other mine owners.

Accidently killed sister as a child. Wife left him when he came to Scupi Province, now a bachelor. Use to live in foot hills of Cheldonia Mts.

Goals: profitable mine, have great wealth.

Powerbase: workers, forman, little money


== Citizen Dorothea == hp(f) 2nd Mine Council. Priest of Mylien. {DM} 4clr, Somber, Tired “yeeeees”

30yr old, Dark brown shoulder length, olive skin, brown eyes, over-accessorized wearing rings, charms, hair pins, belt, jangle bells on ankles. Lost council sash.

Known as spinster,

Born in Mine, father dead(mine accident), mother here in town. Two sisters, married moved away.

Goals: leave Mine, get married to farmer, live in slow small part of republic.

Powerbase: {DM END}

== Theas == cp(m) 3rd Mine Council. Mine’s Public House owner. {DM} 2exp, Peevish, Irritable, Chews lips “Oh joy, customers, I’m sure here to ask more questions then spend coin”

45yr old, black were it’s not balding , sunburnt skin, brown eyes, wears bright, cheerfull inviting robes. Has metal colar around neck. DC15 Proudly wears his council sash but only for official business.

Married to Papinia hu(f) from wildlands (bought as slave but now free and happy)

Father brought family here at age 10 and built this PubHouse. His brother is cook, his two sisters are maids. Father Mother dead. {DM END}

== Citizen Eriboea == cp(f) Vareef’s mine foreman. {DM} 2ftr/1exp, Rebelious, party animal

Just call me Eri Athletic, attractive young 22 year old, white blonde hair, deep brown eyes, rich olive skin. Wears sexy leather, high boots.(says it is Darsis fashion) Armed with broadsword and crossbow. {DM END}

===== Blood Rock ===== 20 years established. 100 population.

===== Clift’s Edge ===== 15 years established. 120 population.

Great mines in cliff. This town is small 80 of the poulation are slaves.

===== Far ===== 10 years established. 100 poulation.

===== Farther ===== 4 years established. 80 poulation.

===== Phokiun’s Camp ===== 2 years established. 20 poulation.

Really just a camp, no town to speak of. {DM} these people are “mining” ruins melting down the gold and smuggling gems, magic treasure out to scupi. They are in cahoots with Lethos {DM END}