====== Independent Republic of Pelos ====== aka Pelos Minor

===== History =====

===== The Land ===== ==== Climate & Terrain ==== Mediterranean climate. Pelos consists of one large island, several smaller ones, and countless tiny ones. The large island, Pella, has much arable land and has been extensivly irragated and developed. The other islands are a bit more rugged but grapes and fruit orchards grow well there.

==== Flora & Fauna ==== The seas around Pelos are abundant with life. The islands themselves have few wild animals at least the populated ones. Goat and other small herbavor herding is common throughout.

Farmland, light forest, scrubland dominate.

===== The People ===== ==== Population ==== About a 500,000 people proudly call the republic home. It is mostly Pelosian and Gnomish. Many Ka’im live in the colonies none are citizens so they aren’t considered.

==== Culture ====

==== Religion ==== see mythology

===== The Government ===== The seal of the Republic of Peols is an eagle grasping a defeated dragon in its talons

Part of the reason for the civil war was the slow and inept way in which traditional Pelosian senatorial governmental system dealt with #Kjore threat.

In repsonse the House system came into being. Instead of all citizens voting on issues in national referredums each “family” selects one representative that will move to the capital and vote directly. Families determine how and when to select Representatives. Although, barring a criminal act no Representative may be replaced until they have served at least 3 years.

Soon the number of families eligible to send a member to the House grew to such an extent that governance began to resemble the slow and ponderous senatorial system it was meant to improve upon. A reform was implimented limiting the total number of Representatives to 243. Instead of every family selecting a member the country has been divided into 243 regions each containing a rougly equal amount of the total population.

==== Law & Order ====

==== Trade & Commerse ==== Slave ownership is fairly widespread. But it is not very brutish. Slaves have rights and there are many laws protecting them. They are often freed in old age. It is more like having serfs or workers that can’t quit and you pay with food, shelter, protection instead of money.

=== Coinage === from least to most obols, drachmas, talents

==== Military ==== The Republic takes the Kjore much more seriously than Pelos Major does. Consequently they spend much more time and money on military matters.

Pelos Minor has less of a Navy than the empire despite being entirely an island nation. The republics military and espcially its militia are more capable than their northern counterparts.

see military