====== The Great Empire of Pelos ====== aka Pelos Major

===== History ===== Perhaps the greatest empire the known world has ever seen.

===== The Land ===== ==== Climate & Terrain ==== Southern regions are medertaiain like, getting rapidly cooler as one heads north. Rain is adequit certainly one of the wetter places in the know world.

The land ranges from flat supremely arable land, rolling hills, light forests, rugged mountain ranges with alpine meadows and conifer covered lower elevations. There are many islands in the south and east.

==== Flora & Fauna ==== Much of Pelos has been inhabited and the plants and animals domesticated. There are certainly wild lands left but you have to head to the frontier provinces to find it.

Monsters at least the kinds that are obvious are rare. There are supposidly still dragons in the far northen mountains. The ones that learned its unwise to enter lands with a surplus of accomplished wizards.

===== The People ===== ==== Population ==== With its magic and sophisticated agriculture pelos supports are large dense population. A two and half million peoples live a peacefull sheltered life. Mostly Pelosian and gnomish.

==== Culture ==== see culture

==== Religion ==== see mythology

===== The Government ===== Ruled by the Senate consisting of 27 members selected via national referendum. Senators stay in office until they retire or. rarely, are referendumed out. The Senate is the caretaker of the citizens’ desires and tends to the day to day needs of Pelos. Major and not so major issues are resolved via national referredums in which all citizens vote. There is a process for citizens to call for a refferendum to overturn Senate rulings or decide an issue they are ignoring.

Citizenship is only granted to those who have served in the military. Although the military service of a rich, influential Pelosian is far different than that of a commoner. Citizenship is non-transferable and non-inheritable. It may not be revoked.

Pelos is divided into provinces. Home provinces are the oldest and most developed. Next are the border provinces. Which are still more civilized than most places in the known world. The frontier are furthor out mostly in the wildlands, far north, or distant shores. Some are faily established such as those on the western edge of the Wildlands. Others may be colonies a mere 50 years old.

In addition to that there are foriegn provinces. Which are really other nations that Pelos have subjagated and folded into it’s empire.

==== Law & Order ==== Pelos Major is an advanced and sophisticated society. In the home teritories there are no monsters. Banditry and the like are very rare. There is crime to be sure but it is not brutal and lurking around every bend in the road. The average person rightly believes the rule of law will be enforced.

==== Trade & Commerse ==== Pelos to a fairly large degree depends on its colonies for resources. One reason it has been in decline since Kjore destroyred many of them.

Pelos has extensive irrigated and otherwised improved their lands for farming. They produce a large surplus of grain and other foodstuffs. Which the export to colonies and other nations.

Trade is a large factor esp with Fist and Sunesh. Pelosians desire the exotic luxuries they have and have food and products(mostly arcane) they want.

Slave ownership is fairly widespread. But it is not very brutish. Slaves have rights and there are many laws protecting them. They are often freed in old age. It is more like having serfs or workers that can’t quit and you pay with food, shelter, protection instead of money.

=== Coinage === The standard gold coin is the Pelosian Eagle. There’s a complex system of thirds and base three which I’m inclined to ignore for ease of play.

==== Military ==== see military