Military based on three like all Pelos. Practices combined arms, magic, land, naval. Fairly small but very well equipped and skilled. All Pelos’s citizens serve in military for three years, sometime between 18 and 27.
Being a citizen and being a soldier are synonymous.

Although army and navy are described separately they are thought of simply as the military. There is no separate command structure. The differences are in training and utilization.

===== Militia ===== Each city or region has it’s own militia which is patterned after, trains with and is part of the regular military.

After their three year service many citizens occasionally train with their local militia. And in theory every citizen has the right and duty to participate in the militia when attacked.

In dire times the armed forces may be expanded greatly with the militias that most of the population participate in. These militias train as complete units at least once per year. They are purely defensive units and rarely are used outside of the city/region from which they are formed.

Due to extreme operating costs about 2/3rds of the navy is organized as militia. Different in that they aren’t local, are not only defensive, and they train more often than land based militias. Many citizens spend 1 year in three serving with the navy.

===== Army ===== Heavy on calvary, magic, and crossbows.

Independent units are always Birds. Small spy/scout and marine units have far fewer men in each part they will still have complete structure of a Bird.

=== Juggernauts === Permanent enlarge personed heavy troops.

==== Equipment ==== Often enchanted especially leader and special troops

=== Armor === Metal breastplates, greaves and ?? are common throughout.

=== Weapons === Crossbows and Balista (from small to siege) are prevelant esp in calvary.

Many sorts of magic bolts: <> – Treble - inflight splits into three bolts – Grand Treble - inflight splits into one each of shock, flame, frost – Flame - fire damage plus sets things on fire – Frost - cold damage – Shock - electricity damage – Force - typicaly fired from siege size units, knocks things down – Net - no damage transforms into net, ranged touch attack – Water - incapacitating non-lethal – Lighting - turns into lighting bolt 4d6 line – Siege - fired from normal light crossbow inflight transforms into a giant balista bolt – Fury - inflight transforms into dozen of small darts, anti-personel – Bark - “Cregus’ Bark” normal damage. DC15 fort save or target is stunned. – Bite - “Cregus’ Bite” on a successful hit it does critical damage – Calatrop - spreads 10r of calatrops – Message - record message, name person, travles 30mi to deliver message – Healing - heals 2d10+2 hit points <>

==== Structure ==== Unit organization carries an avian analogy through out.

Each group of 3 leaders is ranked 1st,2nd,3rd. They lead together but when no agreement is reached ranking determines outcome.

Several Birds, 3 or 9 typically is a Flight or Flock.

<> * Scout Bird (81 men) Typicaly deployed(often independently) in 3 groups: LWing, RWing, Center(Head, Body, Tail) * Left Wing (3 feathers) * Right Wing (3 feathers) * Head (9 men) 33, 3 leaders, 3 casters, 3 messengers Body (1 feather) * Tail (1 feather)

  • Calvary Bird (729 or so men) Never called just “bird” but some proper bird name. The 1st leader from tail, body, and each wing typically are ‘in’ the head as advisers and communicate with 2nd/3rd via magic.
    • 270 Left Wing
    • 270 Right Wing
    • 81 Tail - 3*27 scouts?, hvy shock?
    • 81 Body - 3*27 siege, supply. not all birds contain a body
    • 27 Head - mind, leye/reye/beak 3 * 3 spell casters/guards
  • Calvary Wing (270 men) 27 feathers in 3 Sections. The 1st leader of each section are the 1st, 2nd, 3rd of the Wing.
    • 3 Sections (90 men) maneuver element. Sections are named and their 1st’s are “Fore”(2nd of wing), “Middle”(1st of wing), and “Rear”(3rd of wing)
      • 1 Command Feather (9 men) often spread amongst the other feathers.
        • 1st leader
        • 2nd, 3rd leaders (lieutenants)
        • 6 others - spell caster, messenger, etc.
      • 9 Feathers (9 men)
        • 1st leader, soldier, soldier
        • 2nd leader, soldier, soldier
        • 3rd leader, soldier, soldier <>

{DM} Bird leaders 9-12th lvl Wing/Section leaders 6-10th lvl Feather leaders 2-4th lvl Soldiers 1-2nd lvl warriors/fighters militia are always warriors {DM END}

==== Unit Names ==== Birds are named after actual bird species. With each species or type of species indicating the general composition or use of the bird: <> – Eagles, Falcons, Condors: standard units – Hawks: pure calvary / strike units – Raven, Pigeons: militia / training units – Gull, other seabirds: marines synonymous with ship name – Swallow, Sparrow, Finch: scouts <>

An individual Bird’s name will be it’s species modified by and adjective: <> – Red Eagle: First Bird commissioned by Senate. – Fire Hawk: Strike unit specializing in fire magic. – Pelagus Raven: Pelagus city militia Bird. <>

===== Navy ===== Outclasses other maritime forces by a large margin. But strong dislike for non-coastal operations limit them somewhat.

Heavy use of magic esp for propulsion during combat. Sail and limited oars other times.

Pelosian naval doctrine has been to gather overwhelming strength and decisively engage enemy fleets. This has caused problems when defending vs Kjore which disperses its Death Barges over a great area. Any Barges encountered are destroyed. But there are too many, too far apart to catch them all before they reach Pelos’s coast.

Kjore doesn’t care about destroying Pelos’s navy at sea. They want to land troops and are willing and able to take 50% losses to do it. Once landed they expect to die rather than board their barges and return to Kjore.

Marines are used defensively and for amphibious landings. Pelosians rarely initiate boarding actions. They prefer to destroy enemy vessels at range with massed balista salvos.

==== Structure ==== Marines and crew are not separate, every person serving on a naval ship is called “marine”. The higher level leaders are equally versed in naval operations and land combat.

Marines are organized as land forces into Birds and Flocks. Often as undersized birds.

Fleets are comprised of ‘Flights’ each consisting of 3 sometimes 9 ships. However fleets are not typically as structured as land forces. Often haveing numerous other ships not in flights. A Flight will only consist of 3 or 9 ships.

During peacetime encounters will be with 1 ship, a ‘patrol’, or a Flight of 3 ships. Larger fleets are exceedingly rare, being too expensive to operate.

During wartime each region or “front” (typically there are 3-4 fronts for all of Pelos) will mass almost all ships into a single fleet. From this fleet Flights might be dispatched for short patrols or pursuits.

==== Ships ==== Trimarans. Lots of magic, lots of balista, magic propulsion for combat. enchanted vs fire.

<> Sea Condor class: <> – The largest warship. Only 3-4 in existance.
– Each leads a large fleet during wartime. <
> Gull class: <> – The basic warship. – Large vessel. 270 men, a Wing, in 3 sections(2 combat, 1 operations) – Typically operates in Flights of 3 or 9, sometimes in a Flight with 2 Sprigates, rarely alone.
– 4 large balista on center hull fire left right, 1 each to front and rear. – 16 small balista, 6 on each side hull, 2 on center hull front and rear. <
> Sprigate class: <> – Used for patrol, anti-piracy. – Smaller vessel. 81 men, like a Scout Bird (2 combat wings, 9 in head, 18 in body) Roles on this size ship are more fluid. Body operates balistas, everybody rows/man sails outside of combat. – One most often seen during peactime, often alone or in a Flight of 3. – 1 large balista center hull front – 1 med balista center hull rear – 8 small balista <> Stork class: <> – Catamaran cargo and troop transport. 3 can transport a full bird with its equipment and supplies – Large vessel. 90 men, a section. Almost all operate ship. 1 combat feather to operate the few small balistas. – Never operates alone. Minimal defenesive abliity. – Shallow draft, special design and magic enchancement allows beaching and rapid troop deployment simliar to WWII LST. – The bow of each hull has a small balista and the center section has a large balista for attacking beach defenders during and after landing. <> Seahawk class: <> – Assault Ship. – 1 or 2 giant balista. <> <


Aithiopia: the African Queen (? as in the movie). Word literally means “burnt- faced”, the usual Greek term for Black.

Melitta : “The Bee”

Delphis : the Dolphin (or the Girl from Delphi - see above)

Panthera: Leopard

Lykaina : She-wolf

Salpinx : “The Trumpet”

Sobe: “The Horse’s Tail” (?)

Sphendone: “The Sling” (weapon)

Synoris : “Pair of Horses”

Peristera - “The Dove” (not an image of peace in Greek culture)

Philotimia : “Ambition”. Word used for rivalry between politicians and others - not incompatible, however with …

Eleutheria: “Freedom”. One of the key words of the Athenian democracy.

Euphemia: “Silence”

Euporia: “Plenty”

Pronoia: “Foresight”

Boetheia: “Help” [in sense of reinforcement]

Aktis: “Sunbeam”

Aura : “Breeze”

Gnome :“Intelligence”

Dikaiosyne: “Justice”

Hegemone: “Leadership”

Demokratia: “Democracy”

Nike: “Victory” (like Nelson’s flagship) - and various combinations: Aristonike: Victory for the best. Kleonike - famous in victory. Polynike: much victorious. Axionike - worthy of victory. Pasinike - Victory for all; Agathonike : glorious in victory; Stratonike - victory for the army; Kallenike (sic) - Beautiful in victory; Polemonike - Victorious in War; Nikariste - best victory; Nausinike - Victory in Ships

Homonoia :“Harmony” - now the name of the busiest square in Athens

Apobasis: landing, disembarkation. Something to look forward to as a rower!

Eudaimonia: “Happiness”

Symmachia: The Alliance

Epideixis : Show, Display [as a part of philotimia - Athenians were not ashamed to flaunt their wealth, if they had it]

Andreia : “Courage”

Eukarpia: “Fruitfulness”

Hygieia : “Health”

Dynamis: “Power”


Parrhesia : “Free Speech”

Hegemonia: “Leadership”

Doxa: “Glory”

Eutychia: “Good luck”

Parataxis: being a buddy - fighting alongside

Eunoia: “Loyalty”

Strategis: “Generalship”

Theoris : “Sacred Mission”

Eueteria: “Prosperity”

Anysis: “Achievement”

Syntaxis : fighting together

Okeia - swift

Takheia - quick

Ariste - best

Potone - winged (?)

Stilbousa - glittering

Paralia - from the coast

Euphrainousa - joyful

Petomene - flying

Stephanousa - crowning

Kallixena - Beautiful Stranger

Eucharis - Charming

Soizousa - Saving

Nikosa - Winning

Kratousa - Conquering

Hippia - Horsey

Gnoste - Famous

Thera - Beast

Panoplia - Armed to the teeth

Ephebos - Young man [the only masculine name I came across] - an ephebe was a youth between 18 and 22 performing compulsory military service.

Askousa - Exercising

Euploia - Plain sailing

Prote - first

Phanera - clear, obvious

Hedeia - “Sweetie”

Stephanephoria - wearing the crown

Hipparche - “Mistress of the Horse”

Proplous - leading ship

Kouphotate - “Light as a feather”

Hikane - “Up for it”

Hippegos - “Commander of the Horse”

Agreuousa : “Huntress”

Leontis - Lioness - but also the name of an Athenian tribe (see Kekropis)

Kratiste - “The Greatest”

Stephanoumene - “wearing the crown” (crown was of course a symbol of victory, not royalty!)

Erythreia - Red

Leuke - White

Ortheia - direct, straight

Iousa - “The Goer”

Megiste - the Greatest

Tryphousa (sic) - “Miss Fussy”

Nea - new

Aglaia - Spendid

Prepousa - “Miss Nice”

Hiera - holy

Naukratousa - winning at sea

Paidothera - Scouting for boys (?)

Epipedosa - leaping in.

Epione : Miss Gentle

Anthera - flowery

And two verbs!

Hegeso : Lead the way! (Aorist imperative: also occurs as a girl’s name on the well-known stele)

Nikeso : I shall win {DM END}

==== Equipment ==== === Armor === Similar to land forces with less metal breastplates and more leather. What metal there is (typically leaders, shock troops) is enchanted to float.

=== Weapons === Marines use similar weapons to land forces.

Various smallish balista firing mundane and enchanted bolts are the main naval weapon. Direct offensive magic is fairly rare. Most magical energy is expended in propulsion what’s left is best used, to an Pelosian’s mind, defensively.