====== Nature of Magic ====== Pelosian scholars divide magic into three spheres based on how it is manifested.

Essence - Utilizing the inherent power in objects and all around us. This is typically wizard magic. Alchemy is strongly essence. As are many supernatural abilities.

Channeling - Being a conduit for the power of another being, or possibly “force” such as hate or elemental fire but not all argue these things agree with that last statement. Divine magic, channeling the power of Gods, is the most common form.

Mentalism - Manifesting directly from one’s intellect or willpower. Psionics squarely fits here. But as various theories gain popularity or are discredited Socerous, other charisma based casters, and even some divine casters.

As with most academic subjects there is constant debating on the details. For instance most believe a monks extraordinary abilities are Mentalism based but others including many monks emphatically state they are channeling.

====== Magic in Pelos Minor ====== Due to combat with Kjore elemental based magic is much more popular.

====== Pelos Magic Schools ====== Many magical training centers, called Paidia, exist throughout Pelos. Each school teaches a certain style/set of practices/philosophy of magic. Most are arcane or psionic. But, divine schools exist. As do mixtures of the three.

==== Game Effects ==== Players can train or have trained at various Paidia.

This can be used for “flavor”. Such as the reason player starts/learns certain set of spells, the background/explanation for certain feats like Quicken Spell, or simply for detail.

They will provide access to certain spells. That must be paid for of course but which might be otherwise hard to locate.

If a feat is expended to denote extended and extensive training with one school it would provide some ability consumerate with other feats. The details are something to work out with your DM.

==== Sample Paidias ==== Players are welcome to suggest new schools to the DM.

== Dancing Fire == Subtle fire magic. Not typical massive damage spells

== Shooting Star == Ranged attacks, speed, energy. Extensive use of crossbow and bolt spells. Highly mobile style, darting in and out of combat. Favors maximized point attacks. “Hit enemy harder and faster than they can withstand”

== Three Powers == Natural, Arcane, Spiritual

== Three Corners == detection, defense, attack

== Sky Flower == lighting, wind, flight, birds, weather

== Eagle == detection, protections, reactions

== Feather Step == subtle

== Shadows of Light == electricity mixed with fire/air/water

== Invisible Wind == Force, illusions, other subterfuge effects. Sneaky bent

== Thousand Blows == Many rapid weaker force, elemental, matter spells.

== Burning Frost == fire and cold spells

== Prancing Elemental == mobility & movement with elemental earth air water attacks

== Far Wind ==

== Unstoppable Bolt == focused on crossbow and magic that enhances that. strong defense spells

== Eagle’s Reach == rays, bolts, long range spells. powerful dominating strikes before enemy can react