====== The Pelosian Way of Life ======

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====== Conflict ====== See also military

Most Pelosians and all citizens have served in the military. Most for only 3 years. But they are “kept on the scolls” and occasionally train in defensive oriented militias.

==== Weapons ==== Crossbows have an almost religious fascination for Pelosians. From light calvary crossbows to titanic siege weapons hurling bolts as thick as a man and all types and sizes in between. Within Pelos there are many masters crafting exceptional crossbows. Many magical types and esp ammunition exist.

Light repeating crossbows are martial weapons for Pelosians.

Shortsword - Gladius, reverse curved or straight, single or dual edged.

Broadsword - like Roman Spatha but heavier, long straight, broad, dual edged. Equivalent to longsword.

Lance - light lance like a spear/javelin. The other major weapon besides crossbow used by Pelosian calvary.

Maces an flails are uncommon but seen. Often imported from Fist or Sunesh.

Longspears(pikes) are used in military for phalanx formations.

Javelins & slings are common amongst skirmishers and normal folk.

Bows and polearms are very rare.

==== Armor ==== Breastplates are the typical form of Pelosian armor. Many are enchanted or made from improved materials. Scale, studded, leather, padded are also used. Chain types are not produced natively but are imported from Fist. Splint, banded, half/full plate is virtually unknown. Hide is only worn by uncivilized peoples from other places.

Greaves + Bracers + Breastplate = banded stats Greaves + Bracers + Heavy Breastplate = full-plate stats except AC7

Heavy Breastplate includes plates/chain for groin/thighs/necks upper arms, etc.

Shields aren’t often used, when they are they tend to be made of metal and brightly decorated. Buckler’s are most common as they don’t interfere with use of crossbow. In the military sappers and assault troops use tower shields.

Helmets vary but most common is the Pelosian War Helmet used by the military. It is one piece with eye slits and cheek guards forming a T. It is usually topped with dyed feathers or hair tufts in a “mane” front/back or left/right.

====== Olympiad ====== Nine days of festivals, contests, religious observances starting 5-08 Nalus, First octad when Flame appears in the sky.

There is only one. It is held in Pelos Major the same location for hundreds of years. It is very religious time.

====== Trinality ====== Pelosian believe in a trinality of the cosmos. It deeply pervades all their culture, beliefs, science, and art.

When we would think dualistically black/white, good/evil Pelosians think in trinaries.

Such as: * before - now - after * creation - existence - destruction * black - grey - white * good - neutral/indifferent - evil * mind - body - spirit * ancestor - self - progeny * father - child - mother * male - prepubescent/neither - female * he - it - she * mental - essence - channeling/spiritual (the sources of magic)

These are not absolutes. Pelosians are diverse and free-thinking. Their philosophers and academics debate endlessly the exact natures of various trinaries.

Pelos architecture, art, and design is filled with triangles and groups of 3 or 9, less frequently 27.

Although their math is base 10, they are fond of counting by, grouping by, and organizing by 3, 9(called “two threes”), and 27(“three threes”). Cubes (to the 3rd power) of any number are ‘special’. Ex “three fours” for 4 to the 3rd, “three tens” for 10 to the 3rd.

====== The Sky ====== Pelosians believe ‘space’ is a vast sea of unknown liquid and that the various objects in the day and nighttime sky are islands, continents, the lights of cities and great barges.

They know Dirt is a great sphere that spins and floats in this sea. Trapped in the Sun’s whirlpool but kept from being sucked into it by the powers of the Gods.

There is no moon. But there is three very bright sky objects known as – “Fortress” or “Night Sun” - The white object & brightest. It does not come and go as the other two. – “Sky Lady” or “Waterdrop” - The blue object. Visible in this part of the world during the months 2-7 – “Sky Lord” or “Flame” - The redish object. Visible in this part of the world during the months 5-8

From 5-7 Waterdrop and Flame both are the in sky. This is known as “courtship” or “joined” time and is the harvest time. When they both pass near Fortress it is commonly called “wedding” or “coronation”. Neither is visible from 9-1, winter.

Modern Peoples do not believe these bright lights are actual sentient entities but old fables are still recounted. One relates how the fairest lady(waterdrop) wandered all over the great sky sea looking for a worthy mate until she found one around 5(flame). They spent all of 6 & 7 courting until she was satisfied and offered herself. He accepted and she stole away to the fortress to be joined shortly by him. They don’t leave the fortress for the next several periods, busy making babies.