====== Calendar ====== Used in Pelos, Darsis and by other peoples but not Fist:calendar|Fist or the uncivilized tribes and nomads.

Starts counting at year 0 when the precursor to the Pelosian Senate, the coucil of wizards, first to address the problem of rampaging spell casters.
 The Old Kingdom calendar started much earlier but has not been used in hundreds of years and is mostly forgotten.

There are three “seasons”. They don”t have names exactly and people don’t usually refer to them or use them as time units. Below are how they are thought of by Pelosians and roughly the agricultural activites associated with them. * 2-4 renew (growth) * 5-7 preservation (harvest) * 8-1 death (fallow/rest, planting)

Each “season” comprises three “months”, called periods by Pelosians, of 30 days each. Nine periods, 270 days, per year. Each period is divided into three 10 day “weeks”. Weeks are refered to simply as the “first”, “second” and “third”.
e.g “Second Ateo” would be the 11th through 20th days of the year.

Each day is split into in rough portions based on amount of light(sun) there is e.g. morning, noon-bright, evening, early-night(9pm), mid-night(12pm), late-night(3am). Pelosians aren’t real concerned with tracking time on such a small scale and there is no analog for our hours/minutes/seconds.

==== Names of the Months ==== – 1 - Ateo (a-tee-oh) – 2 - Ananios (a-nah-nee-ous) – 3 - Parius (pa-ree-oos – 4 - Sevos (si-vous) – 5 - Nalus (nah-loos) – 6 - Icleseo (ee-cli-si-oh) – 7 - Nynano (Ni-nah-no) – 8 - Shios (shee-os – 9 - Sheus (shi-oos)

==== Names of the Days ==== – 1 - monad – 2 - dyad – 3 - triad – 4 - tetrad – 5 - pentad – 6 - hexad – 7 - heptad – 8 - octad – 9 - novad – 10 - decad

====== Festivals, Observances, Holidays ======

===== Judgement Day ===== 7-05 Nynano, First pentad.

Beaho finds and punishes those who are guilty.

The guilty flood temples to attone the weeks prior to this day.

Nobody wants to meet a vituperator(wandering priests of Beaho, self-appointed to enact his justice) on this day.

{DM} Mood: grim, paranoid. Everyone fears they will be judged. Hook: Who: unpunished criminals, vengefull victims, angry mobs, vituperators Events: Costume: No one wears bright or flamboyant cloths, not wishing to attact Beaho Food & Drink: Drunken guilt, confessions Decoration: Backstory: {DM END}

===== Judgement Day ===== 7-23 Nynano, Third triad.

Waterdrop disappears.

Both Mylien and Elondar have observances on this day.

{DM} Something happens: if A then good time for babies, year etc, if B then not Mood: happy, many babies are comming around this time Hook: Who: Events: Costume: Food & Drink: Decoration: Backstory: {DM END}