====== The Old Kingdom ====== See also: names

Is no more being crippled during the 2nd Kjore War. But it’s people live on. The Citystate of Darsis as well as smaller cities and towns spread throughout The Wildlands are what’s left of The Old Kingdom.

====== Conflict ====== ==== Weapons ==== Being such a cosmopolitan place with influenced from trade, being conquored, and conquoring all types and manner of weapons can be found.

The Pelosian broadsword is common and so are shortswords made in a similar style. Short bows aren’t common but do exist. Spears, javelins and slings are other popular missle weapons. In some areas of the Wildlands axes(hand, battle, great) are higly favored.

The city guard of Darsis uses these shortswords with tower shields. Also carrying a heavy spear for ranged attack. They also carry commonly carry clubs to subdue rowdy citizens.

Longspears(pikes) are used in military for phallanx formations.

==== Armor ==== Depending on rank Daris’ city guard wear scale or breastplate.

Most others wear leather or studded, but of course chain, half-plate from Fist or Pelosian banded is available.