====== Languages of the Known World and Beyond ====== Aquan, Auran, Ignan, Terran, Draconic, Giant, Gnoll, Sylvan, from the Players Handbook are other available languages. Celestial, Abyssal, and Infernal are unknown. There is no common.

== Human == Spoken widely throughout the former Old Kingdom.

== Ancient == Found in pre-cataclysm ruins around the Old Kingdom and Fist. This is mostly a written language as native speakers have been dead for millenia.

== Pelosian == What Pelosians speak naturally enough. It is the most common “2nd language” in the known world.

== Elder Pelosian == Found in pre-cataclysm ruins around Pelos and western Old Kingdom. It obvious precursor to Pelosian and close enough that it has been revived as a living language. Used often for arcane texts, and by wealthy Pelosians.

== Qadir == Language of the Qatrun and Babrem. Although the Babrem have several distinct dialects.

== Khemish == (this is “orc”)

Spoken with slight variation by the Zafar, Utbah, and Ka’im tribes.

== Sunesh == Language of Sunesh.

== Gnomish == Spoken by Pelosian forest and hill gnomes.

== Dwarvish == Extremely rare for anyone but Dwarves to know.

== Kjorian == Increasingly taught in Pelos and Fist. (Know thy enemy) Note: this is the language spoke by priestesses and commanders of Kjore and serves as a sort of common tongue for the many multitude of peoples, humanoids, and monsters that comprise the horde.

== Tu’an == Language spoken by the strange visitors from the Far West. Rare and estoiric langauage to know.