Kjore Kjoran Kjores

Demon whorshipers ruled by priestess-queen and priestesses of the innumerable demon cults. Very chaotic. Their actions are at times incomprehensible. Whatever their goals may be, if any, the one constant activity has been the invasion, destruction, and enslavement of all other peoples.

Kjore hunts for various artifacs ala Nazi occult items/Raiders of the lost ark.

Can only spy remotely with magic normal spies die too often. Kjores themseleves die often.

Pelos lost first war, loses in general. Pelos navy is superior. military#Death Knights are very tough but rest of military is inferior to Pelos.

Pelos lost many colonies to Kjore.

===== Demon Cults ===== Each facton whorships one demon. Led by high-priestess. The next ranking are called cult-priestess.

The cults sort of work with other factions but lots of infighting.

The Priestess Queen is above all this. Whatever power she wields for or over the demons is absolute. An entire cult has been destroyed for disputing her rule. It is not known what if anything became of its demon.