Melinar’s Expadition to the Middle of Dirt

high fantasy extended dungeon crawl. A race exploration.

The greatest sorceor of the past seven centureis, Melinar, a were-dragon. Believes all the lands and oceans take the form of an enoumous fruit or nut hanging from the greate cosimic tree. The peoples of the land air and water play oyt their petty wars an dpolictics upon its surface. Even the deep delving dwarfs, elves and other undergournd races barely penetrate the rind of this great fruit. Melinar does not openly conjecture what might be below them but he find it plausable that this fruit bares seeds. He has commissioned several groups to mount expiditions, their goal map a route to the center and return with its secrets.

Clouds gather lighting strikes tow=er, more sucked into tower Wizard comes out of hovering deck, clear boooming voice of all can hear dwarfs arrive shows globe talks about sphree must have inside showe we has travvled far and wide I have read many an ancient writing (him poring over tome, him reading ancient momumnet) I know somehtin is there something powerfull I can not de I will know what is in the middle! Lock of hair from each member of party casts mass silence spell

Scene “The Four Who Wander” Wizard is mifffed that they are here. He appears when they gather, they come from various directions/means. “Why are you here?” “I have alwasy been here” says child as head tilts. “So that we may be” monk. “@T%@ @#$!@#” armor. “Are you here to stop this?” “It has happened” Child (refers to 1st breach) Armor shakes head no. Alien blinks. “To stop implies action, action is not The Way” “Then what is at the middle?” to child. “The answer lies around you” Sage Priests have been surrounding and freaking out at questions. “Yes!”, excited. To himself “One of the groups will succede. I will know, I must know.”Your will is unbendable in this child” looks at alien who is pulsating “The traveller is not always happy to arrive at their destination” monk. Armor is distracted, scans audience. “But you will not tell me?” “I have” child. “This knowledge will not enlighten” alien “shrieks” Armor extends arm and force wave plows through audience monk leaps catches dart inches from childs head. He flips and throws dart back where it came.

“There are others that don’t want me to know” “Yes, a great many” “But, you claim I know, will know, but you are not here to hinder, to meddle?” “I can not alter what is.” “The seeeker is not always happy with what he has found” monk “Joy cannot be found” “Joy is irelavent” “The brain does not agree” “He does not believe his sometimes conicides with my always.” Wizard stares at brain for awhile “It seems we are incapable of direct confrontation and at least at an impass you are welcome in my tower for as long as you wish.”Thank you“, child.”@#$@#” armor. “We are most honored” monk “Until then” wizard poofs Armor rockets off into clouds, brain fades from view monk grabes child and rides lighting bounding from golems to upper balcony.

Hooks to start - nothing going on, boring, nothing happens in a month - money running out - pirates, bandits, not raiding (gone to Tower) - merchants stop arriving (gone to Tower)

Rumors - Sage Priests are agents of Wizard - Dwarfs are here to stop the Wizard - This will start the third great war - The winner will be next wizards apprentice, he’s retiring - If Kjore wins they will use Wizrd to defeat Pelos once nad for all - This will be the end of us all

In port - ship arrives leaving soon, ride to Tower leaving withon the hour - land caravan same deal

Nine Acts 1 set stage - Melinar’s invitation 2 something bad happens - Kjore arrive 3 meet the heros 4 establish commitment of heros 5 go fwd to goal 1 - breach 6 realise goal 2 sucks make for goal 2 - prevent breach by jjore 7 go fwd to goal 2 - defend gods from kjore 8 climax - 9 wrap up

Goals - reveal to P{C’s truth about middle about 1st breach and gods - posibly reveal thea kjore demons are here to kill gods - PC’s are weak and minor in world but still make a difference

====== Groups ====== Pelos’s group led by Pelos General Cauvis (hero of kjore war) 2 captians from foo legion(elite remote longdistance commando type legion Left Eye Channled Elowyn Right Eye Mentalist Maximillum Beak Essance Rectus 3 peeps Large contigent arrives full wing nobody overland When kjore arrives there is face off between Clauvis and death knight pelos builds fort perhaps pelos sends wnd wing in secret

Kjore group Death knights They will slay their Priest almost immeadieatly, he haunts them thoudh sages knjew gave hi special magic

Several Death Barges arrive with 4 attendent galleys. Several priestes from different factiosn which is very unusual. all other boats flee this causes crowding which results in pirate fued sub priestess is attned on barge wizardknows he cannto slay kjorins as preistes would proly die and that would mean war

wizard syad they brought more the the allowed #, they sacrifice theri peope and pile the m on wizards road to under the limt catapult onot cligts or spie to poles along road kjore sends 1 group to each location offered by wizard unheard of cooperation.

Dwarves Their gods do not live in the middle do they know what in the middle do they want to stop it or help find it help means elimination of surface races. “we make our own path” anyhone follows dwarfs get collasping tunnel on them Arrive at the last minute in steam mole just as the final farwell festivites began

Pelos mentalist independent, wealthy ‘aristocrat’ decides it would be ‘fun’ come with 2 appreintices(1gnome), 4 servents, 2 wenches, guards sort of a poof but stil powerfull mentalist loses his servent and apprentisses is very put out perhaps he goes insane after last apprentice is lost either way he accrues a retinue of underground creatures through mental domination

Pelos Gnome group about 7-10 gnomes

Wealthy Oslo merchant’s group “Bucklemein House” Pays for “vanity group” several famous names of adventures fg th mu cl bard 5 guys

Fist not official but with blessing of Fist holy ldr, famous non-pal knight, several palidons, mentatarmsand shield bearers about 30 in all

Grievan/ Gladius Grey Clak Famed magician(wizardmentalist ) thief an pelosian by birth Goes solo!

Northmen group of 10 or so wiped out very quickly I do not wish to die down here in the gloom never to feel the sun and wind, never again to sail the great water

unknown Thieves guild of Oslo inline infront of PC’s “your name” “we wish to remain anonymous” “so be it” They follow PC’s

Berts Bandits Bert was a short peoples who awas always picked on and beat up. He was smart but not smart enough to outwit or avoid his bulies.
It is not sure how it happened, some say Bert made an appeal to god foo, others that he riddled a dragon and won(unlikely) or that a benevolent wizard did it. But, Bert was polymorphed into a largeogre. He could have become champion of the downtroden and oppressed. Instgead he became a vengefull bully himself. Inflicting onto others far worse than was ever done to himself. He rules his motely group threw fear each one being defeated by Bert and agreeing to join under threat of death

Bert has left petty banditry behind and now hires out as mechanieres typically hired thugs to put down revolts or extore retreive lost objects Occasionally Bert takes on a job to explore dungeions or clear monsters from an area He never works for someone he could defeat/kill and just take their loot. Bert has ammased quite an array of magic and equipment

PC’s will get into altercations with Bert over and over, starting at the Invitation

Sage Priests are real elves last decendants. sort of cursed they all know but cannot say truth. cut ears off at birth(cover story is to silence them from the world of distraction) but really is to hide very pointed ears, they hear ok

overgenerations they have slaughterd those children with real fakey eys and hair colors

claim to whorshp all true gods, do not list names but Fist Pelos or in, kjore is not have some of the best libray information the sole goal is to prevent 2nd breach believ true natgure of world or knowledge of first breech will lead to 2nd have secret society traning of assasions enlist many spies through third parties have a large, advanced cadre of mentalist best on dirt that spy and control

====== Events ====== - Priest with party is giving dreams of doom and disaster to player(s) each rest period. gets caught at somepoint.

  • In remote viewing tent, a big pool that short guy sells tickes to views exciting happenings around camp. Well a kjore deathknight is shot out of sky and is plummeting to earth. ob check to notice he is heading twds big blue tent(remote view one) crashes through tent does something crazy and leaves
  • PC’s find other team all dead except priest is missing
  • negociate for a guide in the Great Deep from local races
  • deep elves who know what happend trail party and save day
  • warfare between two deep clans players can’t pass must help one to win or peache
  • PC’s implicated in murder, used as cover for local plot
  • Golem ditched by Kjore find PC’s controlled by Wizard

====== Entrances ====== - under water the great hole - dwarf mine - huge canyon - dragon volcanohole - monrovians castle - far north at pole

====== Deep Politics ======

===== Deep Race ===== - Translucent skin, no pigmentation, blind, bi-ped. Deep races fight unarmed kungfu. Kungfu + magic, massive ac bonus - Ants - deep gnomes - blind albino orcs use echo location - mushroom people. breed humans for food. planet of apes like. lost race of humans/elves - Dwarves - subsurface - Drugar - great deep - Deep elevs - great deep / Cavernous Layer - Mondron - organized society, square tunnels - Cavern humans - Cavernous Layer, couple of clans - Froggies - Caversons Layer - Race who use diadems of power (large 3rd eye stones) - tool using primative fish race hardboney fils pallidium pg 50 - race lives on mushrooms and fungiods harvvest dead and living for fertilizer scavenger of underwold - bat bllod suckers live lampresy palladium pg 79 - zavor palladium pg 103 immue to magic

====== Settings locations ====== - Entrance player’s choice - Lava tube, vertical like a geyser, reoccurs horizontal etc - Cavernous Layer False sun caverns vegetation eco sstems - Path along clifffaces long combat here winged something or another - river to false waterfall, freak players out, but water falls through grating - grids of mondrons their city - Burrower Fields herd burrowing create, lots of passegwas collapses, dangerous mess - Ancient ruins of surface city perhps hitech cit y or left over from the first breach - Wind tunnel turbines, exhaust, power - Heat exchangers, magma - Burried spaceship of Demons - Lost mines of foo. Great dwaven miin the mountean sunk and was destroyed found underground by PC’s - Dwarven halls of recordeing - Brasss city - Battle site of kjore/pelos dead deathknight, blasted withfireball, lighting others. No bodies but helmets, crossbow, blood, broken sword of two Peloss. Appears that Pelos utilized std tactics of force concentration whilethe Kjore just went bezerk. Peloss came out behind - large cavern with gas floaters - Illusion of fake underground sea actually a clift

====== Adventures ===== - get to entrance could be fre ride first choice could be wrong - terminator plot the protector hunts all life was created to defend one race against another now both live in gurellia resistance like life - priest plot only if party has plo pcs’s learn his secret - release of kjor demon - some other group opens portal to underworld dead escapes - devel digger stampede Palladium pg 24

===== Deep Geography ====== Surface - above ground very shallow caves, surface dweller digs

Subsurface - mines, cave systems, various huiminod surface underground dwellers often disconnect from deep levels and each other organized know deep races dwarfs goblinoids

Cavernous Layer large canverons speerate ecosystem, lakes and waters deep elves leftovers from 1st breach

Great Deep - lavea steam thermals heat little no water fire creatures elemenat s fire dwarves drugar fire lava tube like geyser

Boundry Layer - gravity reverses this is also were dead people go

Middle - cloud cites meadows fields great forests

====== Clues ===== - book that tells of breach nomatter how much they read cannot remember contents - lack of what happened what cataclysim was - big freaking ole - mix of human and elf names gods culture - the Four Who Wonder - priests try and stop it - old road is indestructable - great sandy, dry river, dead foreset - undergournd ruins of twin empires - land of the dead ?? - great gate at the end all metal (dyson sphere) - radiator fins that melt rocks into magma - mythos about gods pity man’s ignorance and uplifting them - priests don’t exist before cataclysm - priests seem to know alot and be around at the right times - Fist God is same as one of the Pelosiann gods - No one besides wizard adn priest care what is at the middle - PC’s find group all dead except for priest

Truth long ago elven nation wlven wizrds figured out the Gods lived in the middle of dirt, visited them. Angered the gods who destroyed their civilizations