====== Holy Fist of Hlark ====== ===== The Land ===== ==== Climate & Terrain ==== The territories of the Fist are arid. Large sections are sand dune deserts. The terrain is mostly flat surrounded by mountains. Oasiss are scattered about. There is a large inland sea to the North East.

==== City States ==== === Bam === Fist’s only major port on the Bright Sea. It is also an endpoint of major Babrem caravan route.

=== Sari === Endpoint of major Babrem caravan route. Source of most resources extracted from Salt Sea, esp salt.

=== Doha === Location of Statue of Light, nominal capital of Fist.

=== Yasuj === Bordering the ma’Rib. It is famed for it’s iron ores and the craftsmen that that shape it.

=== Kazerun === Ruins of ancient city. Where the Statue of Light was found. This is the holiest spot for all Mukhtar. A small modern city has developed in and around the ruins to support the many scholars, pilgrams, and clerics that live and visit here.

==== Flora & Fauna ==== Many valuable and strange plants grow in this climate.

Predators are sparse but deadly.

Monsters are common away from population concentrations.

Giant rocs fly hundreds of miles out from their mountains roosts in search of prey.

Griffons are native to some rocky/hilly areas.

===== The Government ===== Theological monetheistic state.

All aspects of government and life are dictated by religion see mythology.

{DM} Very distant section of original Human Empire. Suffered desertfication during/after catalysm. The current religion/government was originally a church in old empire that survived the catalysm better than others. They grew in power, conviction, and piety and eventually unified nomads and other peoples in the area. The god they worship is same entity as Beaho of Pelos. They don’t know it. {DM END}

==== Law & Order ==== The law of the land is that given by Hlark some 900 years ago. In the cities there is zero tolerance for internal political or religious strife. The arm of justice doesn’t reach to far into the desert wastes though. Where Babrem bandits and worse prey on caravans and other travelers.

==== Trade & Commerce ==== Fist imports many resources in order to expand and stockpile for the Great Battle. In turn many exotic products are exported. Babrem nomads deliver most of this trade along ancient caravan routes through the deserts.

=== Coinage === Fist doesn’t use coins. Gold, Silver, and kept by the government in vaults. Instead thin strips of tin stamped with various denominations and “marked” by the church are used. The marking makes forgery hard and the painfull punishment causes few to try. The strips are fairly worthless outside of Fist. Denominations are in silver and inclde 1/10, 1, 10, 100, 1000, 10000, 100000.

==== Military ==== Heavy calvary mostly paladins. Masses of poor quality of foot troops. Both extensivly supported and augmented by numerous clerics and other divine casters.

It is uncommon for Fist to mobilize for war, it lacks neigbors and inclination. Instead small to large parties of paladins and other warriors go on “holy missions”. Such as quell Babrem Warlord or obliterate some abomination discovered in the desert.

See also mythology#Holy Orders mythology#Crusade against Kjore

{DM} ===== Origins ===== For 100 years The Statue of Light, an avatar of God,{DM}(hologram of prime god left over from pre breach times){DM END} taught the laws of God. It warned of the need to prepare against enemy, to shun non-believers, etc.

(but current fist don’t think its kjore after crusade failed

Established a militaristic, insular, strict theocracy. Train hard, obliterate aggressors but not overly expansive or conquest oriented.

Statue of light taught maths, geometry, archietecture, planning, some martial skills, metals, mining, refining, lots an lots of knowledge Some of which transfered back to Pelos and others. But Pelos in particular had significant pre-breach treasures. which taught much + more eldar race = more mag ic = more rapid advance.

Statue did not talk about breach or pre-breach. pre-breach assumed not to exist and little talk about it.

Assume breach equals begning of time. God created everything at 0. Their calande r starts a 0(breach).