===== What it is ===== Dirt is a micro dyson’s sphere whith artifical “sun” in its center. The “Gods” (of Pelos, Fist, and Darsis) are a race, the Zepre, that built the sphere and uses them as interstellar ships. The remaining crew inhabit the inside surface of Dirt. On the outside nature has more or less evolved with occasional tinkering by the Zepre. Dirt orbits a yellow M class star which is part of a binary start system. Another name-forgotten race lives on a planet around the white dwarf companion. These are the demons of Kjore. Both races are sort of devolved hitech/magic/psionic and are “lost” distant probes/outposts of two great galactic advisaries. The “Gods” have devolved and aren’t interested in the outside anymore. The demons don’t have and have lost the ability to construct spacecraft of any significance. The dyson has defenses enough to destroy anything they can make. The demons still abhor the Zepre and “created” the demon cults through psionics and magic to eventually pierce the dyson shell and slay these “Gods”.

Dirt orbits the Sun. Dirt has little axial tilt and lacks real seasons.

No visible moons grace the night sky. But there are three well known, very bright “stars”: – “Fortress” - aka “The companion”
The white dwarf which forms a binary star system with the Sun. It’s position in the sky does not vary like the other bright objects and most cultures view it as a symbol of stability and strength.

– “Queen of the Sky” - aka “Sky Lady”, “Waterdrop”
A blueish planet also in orbit around the Sun.

– “King of the Sky” - aka “Sky Lord”, “Flame”
A redish planet also in orbit around the Sun.