====== The Great Sand Seas ====== ===== The Land =====

==== Climate & Terrain ==== Sand, lots of it. Great deserts with barely any rain year round. Some small mountain chains. Clifts near the shoreline. Ancient caravan routes link the few oasis and springs. A few wadis(dry riverbeds) rush with water after the infrequent but intense rains.

==== Flora & Fauna ==== Very little vegetation grows anywhere outside of oasis and a few scattered dry rivers. It explodes into life for a few weeks after the rare rain falls.

Predators are sparse but deadly.

Monsters are common in the deep deserts, the mountains and far too frequently encountered on the caravan routes.

Dragons are known to live in the mountains as well as in desolate sand dunes.

Griffons are native to the rocky/hilly areas surrounding the dune sea.

===== The People ===== The Babrem have plied the caravan routes for long, long time. At least a thousand years and perhaps as much as two thousand. They have common roots with the Qatrun sharing the same language but their cultures are very different.

They are “at one” with the desert environment and their cammels. Babrem are experts with thier composite shortbows. Many a proud warrior has been brought low by hails of arrows delivered from cammelback.

Scimitars and curvied rapiers are their typical arms. Their daggers are also curved and work like Kukri. The standard desert outfit is equiv to padded armor. Leather and scale is also used. Chainmails are bought from Fist or taken off their dead warriors.

Also calling these deserts home are the mysterious Arite.

==== Population ==== No one knows for sure and most do not care but there is probably around 6-10 thousand Babrem still following the nomadic lifestyle. Three times that number living in the cities of Fist.

The Arite population is anyone’s most scholars assume it can’t be too many cause what could they all be living on in the desert?

=== Nomad Clans === == Kaldun Majid == This militaristic clan has been heavily influenced by Fist. Many of their members have moved to Qatrun cities. Their warriors serve as scouts and merchanaries amoung the armies of Fist. They live by hunting, herding, and raiding other clans.

Their tribal garb is a red Turban with black trim.

“There are many paths to Understanding, the wise tred them all.”

== Thukir == Small clan who revere as holy gifts of nature the oases that dot the trackless wastes of the Dune Seas. The Thukir defend the waters, allowing all who wish to drink, but deny any attempt to control the oasises. They also protect the animals and plants that visit or make their homes in he oasies. Hunting or destructive agriculture is not tolerated.

The primary oasis guards are an order of druids all tracing their lineages to Abdul-Bari, servent of the creator. The comming of age rite for these guards is called the wisdom quest, traveling the world to experience the true breadth and depth of nature.

Their tribal garb is green and red

==== Culture ==== The Babrem of the deserts follow a primiative nomadic lifestyle. Central to their survival and hence culture are their herds of cammels. There are couple dozen tribal affiliations. Some tribes fight each other constantly others are more friendly. Their society is chauvanistic and patrichial.

Babrem organize themselves into largish clans 100-200 members all of the same tribe. Typically all the members of several extended families. Clans are generaly friendly with other clans of the same tribe. But life in the desert is hard and sometimes it’s you or them.

==== Religion ==== Generalized nature worship (i.e. drudical) is prelevant. Other Babrem are shamanistic, worshiping elmental nature forces/god Fire, Air, Mtns, desert, some revere dragons.

== Zorster == Fire

== Iblis == An ancient Jinn. Mad with hatred and jealously over man’s successes. He constantly tempts men with sinfull ideas and false suggestions. Wishing nothing more than to see them suffer from their own hand.

Iblis is also general term for “evil” and all bad things in the world.

== Haizum == Fabled white, flamming, winged, spiritual horse. The personal mount of mythical hero Ahmad.

== Ahmad == Mythical warrior and “father” of the Babrem. Defeated Iblis and cast him from the lands of man.

===== The Government ===== There is none to speak of. The various tribes take care of themselves. There aren’t typically tribal leaders even. The headsman of each clan being the highest authority known.

==== Law & Order ==== Laws are similar with slight tribal variations amongst the Babrem. It is based on ancient traditions of vendetta and blood price.

Order and safety are largely dependant on how large of a stick one carries.

==== Trade & Commerce ==== Trade is virtually the only but very lucrative activity. Transporting vaulable goods between Fist, Sunesh, Pelos, and the Old Kingdom. Is the primary occupation of most Babrem nomads. Banditry being the only close compeitor.

==== Military ==== There is no organized military. But generally all the able males of a tribe are warriors. Deadly with bow and lance atop their cammels.