head on 1 right leg 2 left leg 3 right arm 4 either arm 5 left arm 6 right/lower chest 7 chest 8 chest 9 left/upper chest 0 head

Cover - if body loc hit behind cover cover is hit. May penetrate. Side shot - chart for face on, with side shot opposite side are misses Aiming - if target mostly stationary, re-roll hit loc (must take result of re-roll). Can combine with called shot. Called shot - name loc, every hit loc not your named loc is a miss. Specific weapons (scoped) / skills (sniper) will give called shot hit loc re-rolls. Go for legs - all arms are legs all chest/head are misses

shotguns shrapnel auto may roll multiple hit loc dice

1 turn, multiple phases one action per phase

reload aim fire interact crawl walk trot/assault sprint


is by location has resistence to types of damage


Range CQB, 100m, 300m, 600m, 1000m, 2000m Penetration value Damage and Type: kinetic/impact, heat, burn, shrapnel (low pen/dmg lots hits) Firing Modes: aimed, burst, rake, full-auto/suppression, snap

Each weapon lists to-hits for each mode it has at each range. For instance shotguns will have snap shots almost as good as aimed. sniper systems will lose less at range.

Fire combat roll d6==to shots fired, rolls < tohit are hits. base to hit comes from weapon card and range


Cover - Pick a zone (30deg arc (increases with abilities). May snap fire any target moving through that zone.

Fire Modes


At specific target, can track that target move and fire at them later in turn.

Can also snap at other target moving through area.


An “aimed” full-auto one target, no beaten zone, normal to-hit chances.

Full-auto / Suppression

Width of beaten zone (suppression) at each range. Roll number of d6 == rof, one hit for each 6 (weapon specific) Also lays down suppress/firelane: 1/2 dice that miss primary target or 1/2 total dice if no target are set aside. These dice are rolled to attack any thing moving through beaten zone this turn.


Is energy weapon full-auto


Quick shot at target of opportunity.



have physical stats can add skills bonus or stat bonus like combat models adding cool


have mental stats and skills

intuition cool (under stress) primary initiative how many skills / how easy to learn