Brutal Stars

                            The Stars are Brutal

Sci-Fi rules for the BRUTAL RPG


Humanity has reached a golden age under The Republic. Each citizen is gainfully employed 60hrs a week. Frequent patrols and searches by The Marines and other security forces throughout all zones are a constant reminder of the peace provided by The Republic. Every month it seems a new colony is established and large numbers of eager citizens are selected to populate them.

The Republic granted several of the sentient races discovered the protection of its armed services and the prosperity of it’s economy. Our greatest diplomatic coupe was establishing amicable relations with the lessor but still civilized Moyan race.

Perhaps this is why the recent heinous slaughter of the Vespus-6 colony by an unknown species was a shock to citizens everywhere. The Republic has not been stunned into inaction. The vicious, unprovoked attack has been traced to its source and a large fleet of Stararmada’s warships full of Marines is on its way to exact retribution.

Foo is a role-playing game of marines, scavengers, salvage pirates, etc. encountering, fighting and dieing from the horrors of space. Includes mass combat between Republic forces and/or allies against various depraved alien species such as The Greys, Bugs, or Mechoids.

RULES: vehicles (to be devised or avoided) BRUTAL gore and horror rules will work as written


USE TECH - IN vs complexity(often 2d)


Kinetic Blast weapons cause Impact:

Use BRUTAL’s BIG & STRONG / CRUSHING BLOW when character takes damage from a kinetic blast weapons. Strength = blast size (e.g. a concussion mini-grenade 2“dia blast would be 2d vs CN). Character is”blown” away from center of blast.

Cover: BRUTAL provides +1d defense for “in cover”. Do we want anything more?

Weapon jams:

When rolling attacks with certain weapons designated as jamable add one additional die of dissimilar color. This die is not added to attack total but if it is within the weapons jam range(usually just ‘1’) the weapon jams this action and the just rolled attack is not resolved. Unjam action is CR vs 2d(lower).

Off Map Support:

Represent off map assets called into play by a spotter. They all use burst weapon rules for damage. Must have comm device to “call in” strike. A scenario will define what types and how much support your squad has available. Artillery & mortars are rated in “turns of fire” others in number of “strikes”

Calling in a strike: Perform 2d USE TECH action until successful. Use next action to place target indicator, roll scatter. Use next action to replace target/re-roll scatter OR call in strike. Start of next turn death rains from above.

Canceling Artillery & mortars: Perform 2d USE TECH until successful. After start of next turn support is canceled (i.e. the artillery will “hit” the next turn)

Off map support scatter: d6 for direction IN vs 4d = number of inches

Artillery and mortars continue to fall at the start of each turn until canceled or “out of ammo”. Artillery and mortars produce d6 6” diameter bursts per turn. To locate each burst roll d6 for direction and 4d6 for distance in inches from target point.


Fusion bombs and mines(4“dia blast) may be purchased and placed prior to battle. They can either be triggered by a character walking within 1” of them or remotely with a 2d USE TECH action. [or perhaps complexity of USE TECH action increases with number of splats between character and mine/bomb, representing damaged to triggering wires.]

Requires some sort of method to plot location of mines.


Purchase in size and density. Density is range 2-x. Minefield location and extent is designated on battlefield for both sides to see. Each time a unit that moves through part of the mine field it rolls 2d if roll is within density range, boom! 1. No new game mechanics. 2. Use existing BRUTAL rules where ever applicable. 3. Balanced with BRUTAL fantasy as much as possible. Sci-Fi rules for the BRUTAL RPG


These races from BRUTAL could possibly used as written

Tundra (mostly copied into and redundant with Dogon) Cesspooler Catlings


Officer Psi Monk Medic Nexus-6a Nexus-6c Android Dogon Moyan

Non-player character

The Greys Mechoids “Bugs”


Officer (human)

The throngs of humanity look to The Republic for protection and leadership. For which The Republic requires only obedience & service in return.

“Normal” humans are generally the commissioned officers in a Marine unit. While Replicants and Dogons comprise the grunts and NCO’s.

(same as BRUTAL)

WP 2 IN 2 NT 1 CR 3

ST 2 MV 2 CN 2 CB 2

LF 4 SZ 3 SP 3” DV 0”

Natural Attack & Defense: skin 0d fists 0d

Special Ability: Psi capable/vulnerable. Corruption twiddle. Refuse death.

Psi-Monk (human)

Generations of genetic selection and rigorous training from birth produce these elite warriors. The Republic’s vanguard in combating the alien Psi menace.

Often working independently, sometimes assigned to a marine unit, infrequently commanding a group of Dogons, Replicant’s or other Psi-Monks.

WP 3 IN 2 NT 1 CR 3

ST 2 MV 3 CN 2 CB 2

LF 2 SZ 3 SP 3” DV 0”

Natural Attack & Defense: skin 0d fists 0d

Special Ability: Psi capable. (bonus?)

Gun-kata available after WP4+ CN6+. Declare at beginning of round, perform during CSG. DefenseDice 6d defense(replacing normal armor) 0d vs area, 6” move in straight line, replaces both actions that round, attack normally.

Medic (human)

eh, maybe just have med kits? good at rallying horror/gored out troops heal d6 wounds as action

It is often tactically advantageous to keep even expendable troops alive and shooting a few moments longer.

WP 3 IN 3 NT 1 CR 3

ST 2 MV 2 CN 2 CB 1

LF 4 SZ 3 SP 3” DV 0”

Natural Attack & Defense: skin 0d fists 0d

Special Ability: Psi capable/vulnerable. Use of medkit

Replicant Nex-6a

The latest combat model of replicant.

Grown by the thousands, replicants provide the Republic with barely enough expendable grunts to triumph over the alien menace.

WP 2 IN 2 NT 1 CR 1

ST 3 MV 3 CN 2 CB 3

LF 3 SZ 3 SP 3” DV 3”

Natural Attack & Defense: skin 0d fists 1d

Special Ability: No Psi ability ever but still vulnerable. 5yr lifespan.

Replicant Nex-6c

The latest covert model of replicant.

Grown by the thousands, replicants provide the Republic with barely enough expendable grunts to triumph in a universe of hostile aliens.

WP 2 IN 2 NT 1 CR 1

ST 2 MV 4 CN 3 CB 3

LF 2 SZ 3 SP 3” DV 3”

Natural Attack & Defense: skin 0d acrobatic death judo 3d

Special Ability: No Psi ability ever but still vulnerable. 5yr lifespan. bonus to hide sneak??

Android (humiform)

The existence of Androids is a closely held secret of The Republic to avoid citizens of weaker character from panicking. Originally created by The Greys, Republic scientists have duplicated the technology. Field testing in front line Marine units of the initial Republic models is underway.

The Greys’ Androids have same stats.

WP 2 IN 4 NT 1 CR 2

ST 2 MV 3 CN 2 CB 1

LF 2 SZ 3 SP 3” DV 18”

Natural Attack & Defense: subdermal cermasteel 4d good vs burn but revealed as android fists 2d

Special Ability: No Psi ability ever. Immune to gore, horror, mind affecting Psi. If a previously unknown Android is revealed all allies must make a GORE/HORROR check.


Four armed, primitive primate species who resemble Earth Oran-u-tangs with blue hair and 4 arms. In return for the Republic’s protection of their home world Dogons willing serve in the Marines by the thousands.

The Greys’ Dogon clones have same stats.

WP 1 IN 1 NT 2 CR 1

ST 2 MV 2 CN 3 CB 3

LF 2 SZ 3 SP 3” DV 0”

Natural Attack & Defense: thick hide 1d good vs burn fists 0d

Special Ability: Psi capable/vulnerable. May wield 4 hands worth of weapons & equipment. May brachiate at 6” but can then only carry 2 hands worth of stuff. Tundra 2 weapon bonuses.



Nature affinity type species. Big plants, advanced space fairing race. They use organic/living technology. Their organic tech is generally equivalent to Republic gear with the exception that they lack burn weapons.

Ambivalent to the Republic they are definite enemies of The Greys and Mechoids. Therefore they have avoided being listed as an enemy of humankind and certain doom. But, The Republic is still keeping a close eye on these overgrown shrubs.

Moyans don’t actually move. They are planted in a bed of soil or hydroponics mounted on a EMP hardened anti-grav sled. This sled provides a SP of 3“. They can not sprint but hovering 1” over the ground they are unaffected by most terrain and splats.

WP 2 IN 2 NT 4 CR 1

ST 3 MV 1 CN 1 CB 2

LF 3 SZ 5 SP 3” DV 0”

Natural Attack & Defense: bark 3d gd vs burn branch slap 1d

Special Ability: Psi capable/vulnerable. Sense living beings??


These are generally not available to players in a marine adventure. Players would use them with mass combat rules.

The Greys

[design note: physically weak/frail. Use tech/genetics to capture/clone other species to fight for them. Use psi to confuse, control, and turn enemies against one another. Use Plasma weapons (weaker but most armor does not defend vs burn damage) If encountered in the field most likely to be operating some arachnid power armor monstrosity ]

Highly advanced and Psi attuned race hostile to The Republic. They use plasma weapons and often wear equivalent of powered assault armor(typically 8 legged arachnid monstrosities). Cannot utilize off map support. Infrequently ally with Mechoids.

Little is known of The Greys, such as the location of their home world or their true intentions. The only known fact a Marine needs worry about is that they are listed ‘class one’ enemies of The Republic.

The Greys harvested Dogon specimens from their home world long before it came under Republic protection. Clones of these specimens are sometimes present in The Greys’ Armies. Even though they have harvested humans on numerous occasions humans, cloned or not, have never been observed working for The Greys. Republic scientists have shown this is due to the superior Human moral character which is too pure for The Greys to twist to their vile purposes.

Humiform androids have been used by The Greys to infiltrate Human forces. This fact and the vary existence of Humiform androids is highly guarded secret (see Androids above) [in mass combat rules some special way for The Greys to replace a human/replicant figure with android under their control]

Some have speculated The Greys are genetically engineered slave race of some even more powerful and ominous species. Such unfounded rumors have been outlawed by The Republic as traitorous propaganda spread by The Greys themselves.

WP 4 IN 3 NT 1 CR 1

ST 1 MV 2 CN 1 CB 1

LF 2 SZ 2 SP 3” DV 0”

Natural Attack & Defense: skin 0d puny fists 0d

Special Ability: Strong natural Psi ability. PS 4+d6 and d6 Psi Talents.


[Design Note: not too tough, not too strong but hard to put out of action]

Mechanical race, various shapes and sizes, this is the standard infantry grunt. Prefer particle weapons(treat just like kinetic weapons) but do have & use various blast weapons. Infrequently ally with The Greys.

WP 2 IN 2 NT 1 CR 1

ST 3 MV 2 CN 1 CB 3

LF 2 SZ 3 SP 3” DV 18”

Natural Attack & Defense: composite metal body 4d pincers, blades 2d

Special Ability: Can not wear armor. Mechoids nanite repair systems “heal” d6 points of damage every turn.


[Design note: Big, Bad and endless hordes]

There are several related species of insectoids whose single minded pursuit to exterminate humankind makes them The Republic’s most dangerous enemy and the marines top priority. Since their first unprovoked attack of Vespus-6 they have relentlessly assaulted The Republic at every point along the front. Only through the valiant sacrifices of the Marines and the Star Armada have the degenerate plans of these perverted species been undone.

fire bugs - sz 8 slow no armor(6d vs burn), lots of LF, spit burn weapon grunt bug sz 6 fast hv armored, nasty melee flying bug sz 4 fast lt armor nasty melee needle bug sz 3 millipede shoots quill thorns brain bug sz 6 Psi Talent of domination burrowing bug sz 1, melee? explodes?

bugs have off-map support in the form of fire bugs, treat as plasma mortar.

bugs don’t use armor or technological items.

WP 4 IN 2 NT 1 CR 1

ST 1 MV 2 CN 1 CB 1

LF 2 SZ 2 SP 3” DV 0”

Natural Attack & Defense: skin 0d puny fists 0d

Special Ability: PSI:

Psi capable - can get Psi talents / spend xp points in PS Psi active - has Psi talents Psi immune - can not be affected by mind related Psi talents Psi incapable - can never spend xp for Psi talents but is susceptible to Psi

To utilize PSI you must be Psi capable and expend XP to raise your Psi(PS) ability. You must then learn Psi Talents. [works like magic/rune system in BRUTAL, except characters find alien artifacts or possible experience Psi from The Greys. PSI usage is based of off WP not IN, but detecting/understanding talents from artifacts is IN]


Oneness of self - heal

sense living

dominate - mind control

Psi blast d6 direct damage

SCALE: 3”==10ft


Melee: hands size range rating credits examples sharp 1 small 0” 1d 10 bayonet, combat knife sharp 1 normal 0” 2d 25 axe, rambo knife sharp 1 or 2 large 0” 2d,3d 50 big axe, vibro-sword sharp 2 vry big 0” 4d 100 2-hand sword, vibro-chainsaw blunt 1 normal 0” 1d 10 baton blunt 2 normal 0” 2d 10 rifle butt, P-staff

Ranged: hands size range rating credits examples thrown 1 small 3“,9”,15” 1d 5 dagger, rock kinetic 1 small 3“,18”,30” 1d 25 pistol kinetic 1 or 2 normal 3“,24”,36” 2d,3d 100 assault rifle kinetic 2 large 6“,36”,72” 4d 300 lt mg, auto-shotgun, particle gatling kinetic 2 vry big 6“,36”,72” 5d 500 hv mg, chaingun, gauss rifle burn 2 normal 24“,48”,72” 2d 500 E-beam sniper rifle burn 1* small 3“,-,- 2d 50 hand flamer, m-303, hiver blood splash burn 2 normal 3”,6“,- 4d 100 heavy flamer, fire bug belch [The Greys only weapons] burn 1 small 3”,9“,15” 1d 30 plasma pistol burn 2 normal 3“,18”,30” 2d 100 plasma rifle burn 2 normal 3“,18”,30” 3d 300 plasma repeater

Burst: hands rounds range rating credits examples thrown 1 - 3“,9”,15” - - thrown std grenade launcher 1* 20 3“,9”,15” - 25 m-203 launcher 2 8 6“,36”,72” - 100 grenade launcher launcher 2 1 6“,36”,72” - 25 one shot rocket launcher 2 4 6“,36”,72” - 100 four shot rocket launcher 2 1 6“,36”,72” - 200 bazooka (re-loadable) Rounds: hands size area rating credits examples burst - small 2“dia - 5 mini-grenade burst - small 4”dia - 25 std grenade, mine burst - normal 6”dia - 100 rocket, mortar Payloads: kinetic - - - 3d 1x concussion burn - - - 4d 4x plasma burn - - - 8d 10x fusion smoke - - - - 1x thermal smoke neural - - - - 8x neural disruptor EMP - - - - 4x electromechanical disruptor

Support: hands size area rating credits examples burn - - 12“x36” 8d napalm air strike, meson array burn - - 18“dia 12d fusion bomb, space based E-beam burn - - d6 6”dia 4d plasma mortar, fire bug bombard kinetic - - d6 6“dia 4d auto-grenade launcher, air strike kinetic - - d6 6”dia 8d artillery, air strike

  • These come in versions (m-xxx) that attach under the barrels of assault rifles. Only one may be attached to each assault rifle. This combo is a 2 hand weapon.

Notes: Ranges are “practical” ranges units are trained to fire at.

A bayonet may be attached to any rifle with no penalty. This is only commonly done by marines hunting bugs.

Hand flamers, m-303’s have only a short range, they do get +1d short range bonus for it. Heavy flamers have no long range.

Price includes one “load” of ammo. Additional loads cost 1/5 of weapon cost. Doesn’t apply to BURST weapons which have individual rounds listed.

E-beams and particle weapons have, effectively, unlimited ammo.

Cost for one shot for a BURST weapon equals size round times payload multiplier (e.g plasma rocket costs 400cr, 100 x 4)

There are no small(2“dia) or med(4”dia) fusion rounds.

Thermal smoke creates a cloud of the appropriate size that creates a full-spectrum block to LOS. It does no damage.

Neural disrupter does 1d direct damage to Psi actives in area.

EMP trashes non-hardened equipment. In addition it is 10d attack vs all androids & mechoids in area.

Armor: rating credits examples Armor-Worn 0d 2-100 civies, dress uniform Armor-Worn 1d 10 reinforced/padded fatigues Armor-Worn 2d 50 flack vest Armor-Worn 3d 150 padded w/ reinf flack vest Armor-Worn 4d 400 std marine armor Armor-Worn 4d* 1000 powered scout armor Armor-Worn 6d* 1500 powered battle armor Armor-Worn 8d* 2000 powered assault armor Armor-Worn 2d* 250 thermal undies Armor-Carried 1d 25 riot shield Armor-Carried 2d 50 full height blast shield Armor-Carried 2d 15 P-staff

Armor-Screen 4d 600 full-body forcefield 0d vs burn and melee

  • defends vs burn damage

Notes: Thermal undies may be worn with other armor. They don’t add protection but do provide defense vs burn damage if the other armor does not.

Screens may be worn with and add to other armor. They are generally only available to The Greys and Moyans.

Powered armors have full sealed environment, radiation shielding, EMP hardening, food, waste disposal to allow character to operate in nearly any environment from vacuum to deep in a gas giant for up to 1 week. Characters in powered armors gain +1 SZ, +2 ST, and DV 18”(full-spectrum).

Powered assault armor provides some sort(hydraulic ram, vibro-chainsaw) of melee weapon with 4d rating.

Characters in powered scout armor may expend an action to JUMP UP 6” or LEAP ACROSS 6”.


10cr Comm device - Enables off map support and recovery shuttle to be called (both require USE TECH actions). Automatically connects communication officers together.

25cr Med-kit - USE TECH 4d action to heal 2d6 hit points.

50cr Full-spectrum goggles - Provides vision in infra red and ultraviolet spectrum, lowlight amplification. Same effect included in powered armors and marine helmet. 18” DV

1000cr APDE - Automated point defense emplacement. Once placed and activated 4d USE TECH will attack with 8d anything that moves within 180deg arc and at less than 36” range. It will attack each target once every CSG it moves. No limit to number of attacks per round. 40 units of ammo.

Motion sensor - 1h Requires USE TECH action.

Life form sensor - 1h Requires USE TECH action. Adds 4d to detection rolls.

2x EMP hardening - increases cost of any equipment x2 protects against EMP. All weapons are automatically hardened.

AMMO: [Design Note: ammo initself is not so important (it ain’t a logistics game) but the tension of having to reload with badies charging fits the flavor i nicely)

E-beams and particle weapons have unlimited ammo for the time periods of typical battles.

Blast weapons must track rounds seperately.

Rocket launchers come in 1 shot disposable 4 shot disposable and 1 shot reloadable. Std(4”dia) grenade launchers have 6rd drums. m-203 grenade launchers have 10rds.

[one idea] Other weapons use an ‘ammo’ die:

Designate one die, or use extra die. On roll of 1 ammo out after attack resolves. Expand to range 1 for each additional spray fire target. e.g. Sgt Splat decides to spray fire 3 Goonies on a ammo die of 1-3 he will be out.

It takes 1 action to reload.


Any full-auto weapon can expend extra ammo to attack multiple targets. All targets must be at medium range or less, within a 90deg arc and within 12” of each other. Spray fire counts as 1 action. For each target expend 1 ammo and add 1d to your Attack Adj.

Ex: Sgt Splat has Attack Adj of 5 and wants to spray fire 3 bugs with his 5d chaingun. During this spray fire action his AA is 8, he divides this into 3,3,2. Which, with a chaingun gives him attack rolls of 8,8,7. He expends 3 ammo.


Any full-auto weapon can expend all remaining ammo to attack every target within short range and that enters short range with normal (Attack Adj + weapon rating + Short range bonus) attack rolls. This must be declared at the beginning of a turn at the same time running away is. After everyone has has run away immeadiately perform attacks against enemy characters within short range. Then throughout the turn any character that moves within short range is also attacked. It consumes the characters full turn, no movement or other actions are permitted. All ammo is expended even if no attack rolls are made. This is all ammo the character has for that weapon. After GOM the weapon can’t be reloaded during this ‘session’.

Ex: Sgt Splat is about to be swarmed by hivelings and like every decent marine wants to leave this life with ammo cases empty. So he declares Game Over. With a chaingun his Attack Roll is 10d + 1d(for short range) which he will roll against every hiveling within 6” before the first CSG and every hiveling that moves into his short range. If a medic moved to within 6” of Sgt Splat they would suffer chaingun furry to the tune of 11d. On the other hand if medic started within 6” they would be safe, assuming they don’t leave and reenter Sgt Splat’s 6” short range.


[Option 1] The player takes target marker(s) and drops them >2 ft over tablei. Need a method to penalize no LOS

[Option 2] Burst (aka area of effect) weapons are targeted at a point on the map not a specific other unit. The normal attack roll vs defense roll is not used. The firing player places a target marker on a spot and rolls to see if he achieves a direct hit attack roll vs range roll. If there’s not a direct hit roll for scatter. Wherever the burst ends up every unit in the area has chance of being damaged.

Range roll: short 2d med 4d long 8d Modifiers: +4d not in LOS

Scatter roll: d6 direction xd inches where x = 1 for 5 points direct hit missed by 1x short range 2x med range 3x long range

Damage roll: defense is armor + CN attack is burst round rating


BRUTAL monsters that “work” EPTUSIS,

Hivers - like Alien movies

Hivelings: zergs of the Hivers, quick, stealthly, decent melee, acidic blood(burn damage) WP 2 IN 1 NT 1 CR 1

ST 4
MV 8
CN 6
CB 8

LF 2
SZ 3
SP 6"
DV 9"

Natural Attack & Defense:
carapace               4d*
claws, bite, tail      4d

Special Ability:
Immune to Horor, Gore, Control

+7d(8d total) to spot warm blooded creatures

Swarm - Declare, move and attack with a group of hivelings as one.  Each
one must attack and must attack the same target.  For each each Hiveling
attacking same character beyond the first they each get +1d attack. (e.g. 2
hivelings will hit & run Sgt splat 2 more move and melee him, they each get
+3d to attack roll)

Queen big, strong, smart, Psi

Hivelings: zergs of the Hivers, quick, stealthly, decent melee, acidic blood(burn damage) WP 6 IN 4 NT 1 CR 1

ST 8
MV 4
CN 2
CB 8

LF 8
SZ 6
SP 3"
DV 9"

Natural Attack & Defense:
carapace               6d*
bash                   2d
bite                   4d

Special Ability:
Immune to Horor, Gore, Control

Psi damping field No Psi Talent work within 24" of queen

Predators - like da movie plenty of trick tech, decent abilities across the board.


draft synopsis:

Diplomats got in trouble in 1st contact situation, marines sent in to sort things out. Bring out diplo’s alive, kill as few aliens as possible, yeah right. Alien ship is infested with hive aliens, original crew long dead. Diplo’s all cocooned and probably total right off. Player marines get swamped by hivelings, maybe a few fight back to the airlock / assault shuttle and blast off for transport frigate, maybe no hive’s are on the shuttle with them.

teach auto rules, probably skip burst, skip most of Psi unless player asks for it.

sample chars (10) all have marine armor Lt Franks - human team leader assault rifle, plasma grenades? Sgt Splat - Nex-6a chain gun Cp Joyez - Nex-6a hvy flamer Cp Boyer - Nex-6a assault rifle, m-303 Priv Yoshiro - Android assault rifle, m-303 Sgt Wu - Nex-6a auto-shotgun Cp ‘Stripe’ - Dogon hvy flamer Priv ‘Spot’ - Dogon assault rifle, m-303 Priv Samuels - Nex-6c assault rifle, m-303 Adept Darkstar - Psi-monk, P-staff