F. DESERT TERRAIN CHART (#. rule number referenced in Chapter B for each terrain type unless another rulebook chapter precedes the #.)
Rule# Terrain Example LOS Obstacle/ Hindrance TEM/ Indirect† Infantry Cavalry Horse Drawn Motorcycle Armored Car Fully Tracked Halftrack Truck Kindle #/ Spread # Fortifiable Notes
13.1 Broken Ground* SSR +1 2 r 2 r 2 br 6 Ir 6 br 2 br 2 br 2 br Yes f Non-Depression OG hexes Accessible to hammada
13.3 Cactus Hedge SSR Half-Level +1/0 © Y NA NA W W W W NA Wall/hedge hexsides
13.4 Cactus Patch* SSR █ Half-Level +1 3 r 3 r 3 r 9 r 9 r 3 r 3 r 12 r 12/10 Yes f "Ex-orchard" hexes. Always in season
4. Deir Ovrly "D" * +1**©/0 S COT COT COT DOT hi DOT bbhi DOT bbh DOT bbhi DOT bbhi Yes f *Limited LOS if entrenched/Emplaced in non-Lip hex
**(or HD) vs same-level fire across non-adj. Lip
7.5 Dune Crest Ovrly "SD" Half-Level +1*©/0 1 +COT 1 +COT 1 +COT 1 +COT 1 +COT 1 +COT 1 +COT 1 +COT Vs fire along/across Crest from elevation ≤ target's; otherwise 0
3. Hammada 26D4 -1* F 1 3 r 3 r 4 Ir 4 Ir 2 r 3 Ir 6 Ir Yes f Cumulative, DC, or ordance/OBA HE, vs unarmored; otherwise 0
6. Hillock Ovrly "H" █ Half-Level 0* FS COT COT COT DOT iL DOT bbiL DOT bbL DOT bbiL DOT bbiL Yes f +1 TEM or HD possible if behind and "adjacent" (F6.4) to hillock
10. Hillside Wall / Hedge 25X4-X5; 25U3-U4 Half-Level +2 or +1*©
/+1 or 0*©
W W NA W W W W NA Wall/hedge respectively. Wall Advan and TEM NA to lower unit
13.5 Olive Grove* SSR █ One-Level +1 2 r 2 r 2 r 6 r 6 r 2 r 2 r 8 r 11/9 Yes f "Ex-orchard" hexes. Always in season
1. Open Ground 26B1 0 FS 1 1 1 bb 1 Gir 1 bbGir 1 bbr 1 bbir 1 bbGir Yes f
7. Sand Ovrly "S" and "SD" ** 0 FS 1* +COT r 2* +COT r 2* +COT br 4* +COT r 4* +COT br 2* +COT br 3* +COT br 6* +COT br Yes*** *Reduce by 1 for Wet/Mud EC
**█ Half-Level if High Dune
***pillbox/trench/sangar NA; foxhole TEM halved if no Wet/Mud EC
8. Sangar Counter +1/+3 © COT* COT** COT** COT** COT** COT** COT** COT** *+1 MF to enter/exit beneath [EXC: via Accessible trench; F8.6]
**COT ×2 if Accessible trench present; F8.5
2. Scrub E 26E9 0 FS 1 2 r 2 r 4 r 4 bbr 2 bbr 3 bbr 6 bbr Yes f
9. Track* SSR DOT FS T T T T T T T T Yes f Can negate Boog/Hammada-Immobilization DR
13.6 Vineyard SSR █ Hindrance 0 2 r 2 r 2 r 4 r 4 Br 2 Br 2 Br 6 Br 9/6 Yes f
5. Wadi 25P9; Ovrly "W" Depression DOT* 2** r 2** r ALL r 4 + COT ir 4 + COT bbir 2 + COT bbr 3 + COT bbir 6 + COT bbir Yes f *Crest status possible for all units
**+COT if not OG

†: Indirect Fire TEM is listed following "/" only if different than Direct Fire TEM G: Chap. B costs if on a Board 25 hill hex; F.2A
*,**,***: See Notes Column h: 1 MP + COT if leaving deir hex via Lip hexside; otherwise, cost is COT (usually OG)
█: Whole hex affects LOS (Inherent Terrain; B.6) I: Hammada Immobilization DR required unless on road or track; F3.31
B: Requires Bog DR to enter/change VCA within unless on road or track i: May require Hammada Immobilization DR if Accessible to Hammada; F3.31
b: Requires Sand Bog DR to enter/chang VCA within (even if scrub is present) unless on road or track L: 1 MP/MF + COT if entering a higher elevation; otherwise, cost is COT (usually OG)
bb: May require Sand Bog DR if Accessible to Sand; F7.31 r: Road cost instead if through Road/Runway, or track cost if through track, hexside
©: Not cumulative with +TEM in same hex S: Most ordnance/OBA FP halved on IFT if Sand is present; F7.4
COT: Cost of Terrain T: If crossing Track hexside, reduce total MF/MP cost by 1 (to minimum of 1) before adding any Weather/Towing/Convoy/SMOKE/Dust cost; F9.1
DOT: Dependent on Other Terrain in hex W: As per Chapter B Terrain Chart for wall/hedge
E: Concealment Terrain only for Infantry/Entrenchments/Emplaced-Guns; F2.3 Y: Crossable only via Minimum Move, Low Crawl, or Advance vs Difficult Terrain
F: -1 FFMO can apply if no HA Terrain listed in red is Concealment Terrain
f: +2 DRM for Entrenching Attempt on Desert Board (F.1) unless Sand is present; F.1B